" Ahh Mr Chen I knew that you would call." Simon said.

Chen Siquan paused for a while and said," I want to accept your offer but-"

Simon chuckled and said," No buts or why's Mr Chen. Once we become business partners, you will listen to me." Pausing for a while, Simone said," And I will listen to you."

Chen Siquan narrowed is eyes. He was still feeling something weird.

" I want to sigh a contract with you." Chen Siquan said.

Simon grinned and said," Your terms and conditions and my signature."

" I will ask someone to contact you once the contract is ready." After saying this Chen Siquan hung up the call.

" How was it?" Xie Yurin asked anxiously.

Chen Siquan sighed and said," He agreed. However I still feel that this isn't a good a idea."

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" You are thinking too much. He is probably an angel sent by God to save us and I genuinely feel that he is a good man. He will surely help us." Xie Yuring said.

Chen Siquan who was still confused did not say anything.


Somewhere in country S.

After hanging up the phone call, Simon's lips curled upwards. This was something that was very important in order to execute his plan. Chen Siquan was his biggest weapon.

When Simon asked someone to investigate about Xie Ming, he heard about the story between Chen Siquan and Xie Ming. He was shocked when he heard that Xie Ming actually loved someone else but the main question was why did she marry Li Singtan when she loved someone else? This made him very curious.

When he asked someone to investigate further, the fact about Xie Ming and Li Singtans flash marriage came into light. He probably guessed that Xie Ming did not love Li singtan. He initially thought that Li Singtan was with Xie Ming because he fancied her body but later he realised that Li Singtan truly treasured Xie Ming a lot. Xie Ming had no feelings for Li Singtan and Li Singtan was aware of this, so wouldn't it be easy to create a little misunderstanding between the two of them?

With this thought, he decided to use this against Li Singtan. Simon planned to use Chen Siquan in order to create misunderstanding between the Li couple. But when he saw Xie Ming protecting Li Singtan from the attacker by sacrificing herself, Simon was a bit disappointed. For a moment he thought that Xie Ming did love Li Singtan. But when he realised that how madly Xie Ming was in love with Chen Siquan few weeks back, Simon quickly brushed away that thought as he felt that it was impossible for someone to fall in love with someone else within such a short span. He thought that Xie Ming was a stupid woman and had saved Li Singtan just out of humanity.

Simon was now looking forward to his plan which he thought was excellent. But did he really think that the new Li couple did not share a strong bond? Did he really think that it would be too easy to create a misunderstanding between the two of them? Did he really think that his plan was excellent and that he could really defeat Li Singtan?



" How are the reports?" Li Singtan asked.

Picking up the reports, Mike said," Well everything seems good but your wife is too skinny and lacks hemoglobin in her blood. Don't you feed her?"

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes. Snatching the reports from Mike's hand he started reading it. It was true. Xie Ming was a bit underweight and lacked hemoglobin in her blood.

" What is the solution to this?" Li Singtan asked.

Mike tilted his head and said," Well nothing much. Feed her with healthy food. Though we successfully drained out the poison from her body but still I will like to keep her under my observation for few days to be on the safer side."

Li Singtan nodded his head and asked," Is my poison ready?"

Mike frowned and said," What do you mean by ' My poison'? I am the one who is making it so it is mine okay."

" Just answer my question." Li Singtan said.

" I am working on it." Mike said.

Getting up from his seat, Li Singtan said," You better complete it before the deadline otherwise I will feed you with that incomplete poison of yours."

Mike stormed his feet and said," Stop threatening me like that."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," What are you going to do about it?"

Thinking for a while, Mike said," I'll will tell your wife about the girl whom you fancied since college." Though Mike left the country for quite a few years, he used to call Yutang once in a while. That is the time when Yutang told him about a girl whom Li Singtan liked but later Yutang told him that the girl was getting married to someone else. Mike felt bad for his friend at that time. But now when he saw Li Singtan happy with his wife, Mike felt happy for him.

Li Singtan laughed and said," Sure you can tell her."

Mike widened his eyes shock," You are not scared?"

" Scared of what?" Li Singtan asked.

" That I will tell your wife about your so called I don't know college crush May be." Mike said.

" Go ahead." After saying this Li Singtan left while Mike stood there in daze.