Though Mian was nervous, she still felt a bit disappointed when he stopped.

They had been together since twenty-five years but this was the first time they had done something so intimate. Though both of them knew they had similar feelings for each other, they always kept a decent distance between them. But today when something really happened, they were feeling shy and embarrassed.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Mian explained, \"H-he is Jason, a fellow doctor from the hospital I had interned from. He joined our hospital last month but it's nothing like you think. We are not even very good friends.\"

Pulling her closer, Zian hugged her tightly and sighed, \"Sorry.\"

Burying her face on his chest, Mian smiled, \"It's alright, I'll keep my distance next time.\"

Pulling away, Zian shook his head, \"No no you don't have to-I mean obviously you can't poke his biceps like that. You can poke mine if you want to. My biceps are way more better than his crinkly ones. You can talk to whoever you want but no touching or whispering and patting too.\"

Pinching his cheeks, Mian chuckled, \"Awww why are you so cute?\"

\"Y-You are not angry right?\" Zian asked.

Mian vigorously shook her head and smiled. \"Of course not.\" Why would she be angry? She just got to see absolutely amazing and touch his body. Who was she to complain?

\"But-\" hooking her arms around his neck, Mian continued, \"I think I have to make you feel jealous every now and then to spice things up.\"

Zian's ears started turning red. He lowered his head and sighed. He acted too impulsively. But it wasn't really his fault, it was that man's fault. Who told him to ask his woman to poke his biceps?

Pulling his cheeks harder, Mian chuckled, \"Awwww, why are you so cute?\"

Pinching her nose, Zian smiled. \"You are more cute.\"

\"Hmmm, I can see you becoming bold and bold everyday. Ahh and today you literally stripped yourself half naked in front of me. You are becoming thick skinned over time.\" Poking his chest with her finger, Mian pouted her lips, \"Look you are still standing half naked in front of me.\"

Pulling away, Zian quickly picked up his shirt and started wearing it.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Mian started examining the room. \"Hmmm, when did you buy this place?\"

Buttoning his shirt, Zian answered, \"A few months ago.\"

\"Why didn't you tell me?\" Mian asked.

Scratching his forehead, Zian awkwardly cleared his throat. \"Actually...ummm...I bought this apartment for us.\"

Mian raised her eyebrows and asked, \"For us?\"

Zian vigorously nodded his head and squatted down in front of her. \"Well, don't get me wrong but I thought that after we get married, we can come here occasionally to spend some alone time. I was planning to tell you this afterwards and-\"

Cutting him off, Mian asked, \"So you even bought an apartment for us but you are still reluctant to tell me about your feelings? Are you for real Zian?\"

\"I have a week in hand right? Just wait for me okay? You will right?\" Zian asked.

Smacking his head, Mian said, \"Of course I will. Are you crazy? Why wouldn't I?\"

Kissing the back of her hand, Zian smiled. \"Hmmm, let's go.\"


Global Entertainment.

Inside Ben's office.

\"Hey Ben, are you sure you don't wanna join?\" Sam asked.

\"I think you should come. It's gonna be so much fun.\" Flora excitedly exclaimed.

Caressing his girlfriend's back, Sam grinned and gave her a peck on her cheeks. \"Are you excited for the get together babe?\"

\"Of course I am.\" Flora said.

Flora was Sam's long time girlfriend and manager. The whole Li family knew about them and were quite happy with Sam's choice.

Ben rolled his eyes and sighed, \"PDA outside my office please.\"

\"Come on Ben, get a life and join us.\"

\"Who all are coming?\" Ben asked.

Flora thought for awhile and answered, \"Well, just five of us if you join.\"

\"Who five?\" Ben asked.

\"Apart from us, Clara and her husband.\" Flora said.

Sam widened his eyes in shock and awkwardly cleared his throat. \"Well, babe I don't think so-\"

Cutting Sam off, Ben snapped, \"I'll go.\"

Sam frowned and gave Ben a stern look but Ben blandly ignored it.

\"Alright that is great. I'll go call them and fix everything.\" Giving Sam a peck on his lips, Flora left.

\"Seriously dude? What happened to the lecture I gave you?\" Sam shouted. He was very angry and disappointed. His brother was still willing sticking onto a married woman with whom he possibly had no chance.

\"Don't you have an interview in thirty minutes?\" Ben asked.

Sam frowned and shouted, \"Fine, do whatever you want to but don't come crying to me again.\" before dashing out of the office.

After a few minutes, Sam entered the office again.

With his brows still scrunched, he shouted, \"Fine you can come to me crying but I'll surely smack your head first and then console you later.\" before barging out of the office again.

Ben chuckled and helplessly shook his head.


Li mansion.

By the time Mian and Zian arrived at the mansion, everyone was present in the living room.

When Mian saw her parents, she asked, \"Mom, dad when did you come?\"

\"A few minutes ago honey.\" Mike answered.

\"Where are you both coming from?\" Ming asked.

\"Mall.\"\"Office.\" Zian and Mian said together.

Yushen chuckled and raised his eyebrows, \"Lying huh? Where did you both go?\"

Mian thought for a while and then shuttered, \"W-we went to the mall and then back to Zian's office.\"

\"Hmmm, I just came back from the office and surprisingly, big bro left the office in the afternoon and did not come back.\" Yushen grinned and raised his brows.

Zian smacked his brother's head and frowned, \"You talk too much.\"

\"Zian stop hitting your brother.\" Singtan warned his son.

Just then Qiang pouted her lips and pointed towards Mian's neck. \"Sister Mian, what happened on your neck?\"