Han Zihao nodded his head and said," Yes Sir safe and sound."

Li Singtan smiled and said," Okay now you can go home. Remember to keep my schedule free for three days starting from tomorrow."

Han Zihao nodded his head and left.

" Why three days?" Xie Ming asked.

Walking towards the washroom with the bag in his hand, Li Singtan said," You have to stay here for another two days."

" Ya so you can go to work during the day and come back at night." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan stopped and asked," Do you think I'll leave you alone in this hospital?"

" You don't have to do this." Xie Ming said.

Ignoring her words, Li Singtan walked inside the washroom.


Somewhere in country S

" Take this away." Simon shouted.

The subordinates quickly removed the dead body of the man.

Simon stood there in daze staring at the note which had been delivered along with the body. The notes contained only 5 words but it still had the capacity to bring shivers down the Simon's spine.


The message was clear. Simon's days were numbered.

Simon had planned something really very big for Li Singtan but he needed Chen Siquan for this. He was planning to use Xie Ming as a bait to make Li Singtan kneel in front of him. Li Singtan would do anything for his beloved wife and Simon was aware about this. He was 100% sure that his plan would work but he needed time which was the only thing he lacked at this very moment. He had to admit that attacking Li Singtan was a very bad move.



When Li Singtan came out of the washroom, Xie Ming had already fallen asleep.

Covering her with the quilt, Li Singtan walked towards the couch with his laptop.

Fifteen minutes later, Xie Ming woke up rubbing her eyes," Why are working late again?"

Putting his laptop down, Li Singtan said," Just checking some mails. Why did you wake up?"

" My bed warmer is sitting in the couch reading some stupid mail." Xie Ming said pouting her lips.

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Are you calling me a bed warmer?"

Xie Ming nodded her head.

Walking towards the bed, Li Singtan said," Well I am happy to be your bed warmer for the rest of my life."

Xie Ming cheekily smiled.

Climbing on the bed, Li Singtan carefully pulled Xie Ming in his embrace.

Snuggling on his chest, Xie Ming said," We were suppose to go out today but this ruined everything."

" I will take you to a better place next time." Li Singtan said.

" Let me take you for a date after I get out of this place." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," You want to take me out for a date?"

Xie Ming nodded her head.

Li Singtan smiled and said," Then I will be looking forward for it. Now sleep."

Lifting her head up, Xie Ming gave Li singtan a small peck on his lips and said," Goodnight Mr Li."

" Do you think that was enough?" Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," I am a patient right now. I'll give to more next time."

Li Singtan kisses her forehead," Sleep."

Xie Ming slowly closed her eyes and feel asleep.


Next morning when Xie Ming woke up, Li Singtan was still sleeping beside her.

He had buried his face on her neck and was sleeping soundly.

Xie Ming smiled and decided not to disturb him as it was rare for him to sleep like this.

Just then a nurse entered carrying a tray in her hand.

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Placing her hand on her lips, Xie Ming gestured the nurse to remain quiet.

When the nurse saw Li Singtan hugging his wife and sleeping just like a baby, she chuckled.

Quietly placing the tray in the table, the nurse slowly murmured," Dressing."

Xie Ming smiled and said," It's rare for him to sleep like this. Will it be okay if you do this after sometime?"