Wrapping his arms around her waist careful, Li Singtan hugged his wife.

Snuggling her head on his chest, Xie Ming frowned and asked," Why do you smell weird today?"

" What weird?" Li Singtan asked.

Lifting her head, Xie Ming said," You smell like blood."


Few hours ago.

As Li Singtan entered the room where the attacker was kept, his expression turned dark.

Walking towards the man, Li Singtan said to one of his subordinate," Where is Lui Songpa?"

" He is coming Sir." The subordinate said.

When the man saw Li Singtan walking towards him, he shivered in fear. The murderous vibe that Li Singtan was emitting was too much for him to handle

"Why did you bring me here?" The man asked.

"Don't you know why you are here?" Li Singtan asked,

As the man about to answer, the door opened and Zechan and Lui Songpa entered.

"Boss." Lui Songpa greeted.

Li Singtan nodded his head.

" How is lady boss now?" Lui Songpa asked.

Li Singtans expression turned soft after hearing his wife's name," She is fine but you should know this that she almost died."

' Almost died' was enough to drive Lui Songpa crazy. Rushing towards the man, Lui Songpa kicked him on his lower abdomen.

" Ahhh." The man screamed.

Lui Songpa wanted to kick him once more but before he could lift his leg, Li Singtan ordered him to stop.

" Stop now. There are many things that he has to go through today." Li Singtan said.

Lui Songpa's eyes sparkled when he heard that. He had not tortured anyone since a really long time. His hands were itching.

" So I can do whatever I want?" Lui Songpa asked.

" Yes you can." Li Singtan said. Pausing for a while he continued," But I will join you today."

Everyone in the room widened their eyes in shock including Lui Songpa.

Li Singtan never tortured anyone with his own hands. It was Lui Songpa who did everything.

" Boss you don't have to." Lui Songpa said.

" Why? Do you think that you are the only one who had these torturing skill?" Li Singtan asked.

Lui Songpa vigorously shook his head.

" Zechan do you want to join?" Li Singtan asked.

Zechan nodded his head.

Li SIngtan smirked and said," let's wait for Yutang and Zihao. I want them to join to."

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Zechan gulped in fear. Li Singtan was gathering people like as if they were about to play a game of cards.

Lui Songpa got very excited and clapped his hands together," Ahhh this is gonna be fun."

" Ask someone to get some aprons, gloves and some surgical instruments." Li Singtan ordered.

Zechan raised his eyebrows and asked," Ehh Boss I understood why you need an apron and gloves but surgical instruments?"

Li Singtan laughed and said,"I always wanted to become a doctor when I was young. Since I was young, I could only cut my teady bare with a sharp thing and then stitch it back. I could never do that on a human being. So I have decided to do it today."

Zechan and the rest felt shivers down their spine. Li Singtan at this moment sounded so dangerous.

Lui Songpa on the other hand was jumping in excitement," Boss Boss even I want to perform a surgery."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Yes you have to do the main job."

" What is it?" Lui Songpa asked.

" Stitching." Li Singtan said.

The man's face turned pale when he heard the conversation that they were having.

" W-what are you talking about?" The man asked.

" It's nothing we are planning to perform a surgery on you." Lui Songpa casually answered.

The man widened his eyes in shock. He was going to die today and he was sure about this. He had to save himself so he decided to tell everything to Li Singtan hoping that he would spare his life.

Crawling towards Li Singtan, the man pleaded," Mr Li I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your wife."

" Then who were you actually trying to attack." Li Singtan asked.

The man swallowed the word ' YOU' in his throat and said," It was an order. It was an order from Simon."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," And?"

" He wanted to kill you and become the king of the underworld and also take over Li Corporation and also-" the man stopped before completing his sentence.

" Speak." Li Singtan shouted.

" H-he wanted to capture your wife after your death and make her- make her his mistress." The man said.


" Ahhhh." The man shouted placing his hand on his left ear to stop it from bleeding.

When Li Singtan heard his wife being mentioned as someone's mistress, he couldn't control his emotion anymore. Picking up the knife which was kept on the table, he cut off the attacker's left ear.

Li Singtan was about to say something, when Yang Yutang and Han Zihao entree the room.

When Yang Yutang saw the bleeding man, he said," I thought you said that you would wait for us."

" Songpa start peeling his nails off. Also don't forget to cut his toes." Li Singtan ordered.

Lui Songpa quickly rubbed his hands together and started following Li Singtans orders.

The attackers screams echoed all over the room.

Li Singtan did not budge even once. He stood there staring at the man who was being brutally tortured by Lui Songpa.

When the man was about to pass out, Li Singtan said," Enough. Keep him awake we have a surgery to perform."

" What surgery?" Yang Yutang asked.

" We are going to play doctor doctor." Lui Songpa said excitedly.

Placing two bags on the table, Zechan said," Boss here are things that you wanted."

Opening the bags, Li Singtan passed an apron and a pair of gloves to both Yutang and Zihao and said," Wear thesefirst. We are running short of time."