"What do you mean?" Mike asked.

"I want you to create a poison for me. 1000 times dangerous than the one used during the attack." Li Singtan said.

Mike smiled and said," Give me four days."

Standing up from his seat, Li Singtan said," Two days."

" Hey you are kidding right? We aren't taking about baking a cake here okay. We are talking about creating a dangerous poison." Mike said.

Li Singtan did not say anything and left the room.

Yang Yutang sighed and said," Two days. Good luck with that bro."

" He hasn't changed even a bit. How can someone marry a guy like him. He is do dominating." Mike said.

Li Quin chuckled and said,"Well you haven't seen him when he is with sister-in-law."

Picking up his white coat, Mike said," Well now if you people excuse me I have a poison to create."


Inside the hospital room.

When Li Singtan entered the room, Mother Li was sitting beside Xie Ming while An Yixi was sitting on the couch.

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" Come sit here." Mother Li said.

Li Singtan lowered his head and said," It's fine. How is she?"

" She is still unconscious but the nurse said that she will wake up soon. You should stay here." Mother Li.

Li Singtan took a deep breath and sad," It's fine. You will be able to take care of her properly. I'll wait outside. Call me if you need something." Without waiting for mother Li's reply, Li Singtan rushed out of the room.

He had no idea how he would face her. He was suppose to protect but-.

Li Singtan sighed and sat on a bench outside the room.

Soon Han Zihao came ruining towards Li Singtan and said," Sir we have found him."

Li Singtan eyes turned dark but he did not say anything.

" What now sir?" Han Zihao asked.

" Take him to the base. No one should touch him. He should not even lose a single hair without my permission. Do you understand?" Li Singtan said with a cold voice.

Han Zihao vigorously nodded his head.


Somewhere in country S

A man nearly dressed in his business suit was sitting on his couch sipping wine. He looked very happy and had a huge smile across his face but his smile faded away when one of his subordinate gave him a bad news.

" Sir the man has been captured." The subordinate said.

The man slammed the table in front him and shouted," How is that possible? Didn't I tell you all to remove all traces about that man from this world?"

The subordinate lowered his head and said," We did die but-"

" But What?" The man shouted.

" Sir we don't know how they managed to track them down. I must say that Mr Li is a great-"


Before the subordinate could finish his sentence a loud gun shot echoed throughout the room.

The subordinate fell on his knees and eventually collapsed on the floor.

" Do not praise that man in front of me every again." The man roared at the dead body.

Taking his cell phone out of his front pocket, the man dialed a number.

" Old man." The man said.

" Ahh Simon. I was expecting a call from you today." The old man said.

Simon gritted his teeth and said," I want your help."

" Help? Okay so what do you want me to do? Should book a bed for you in the hospital or should I start preparing for your funeral?" The old man said.

Simon did not say anything.

" You made a really wrong move this time Simon." The old man said.

" So you refuse to help me?" Simon asked.

The old man nodded his head and said," I guess I had made myself clear. I don't want to go against Li Singtan anymore. So don't expect anything from me."

Simon let out a laugh and said," Are you scared of him?"

The old man laughed and said," You are also scared of him at this very moment. Aren't you?" Pausing for a while, the old man said," You have awaken the beast inside Li Singtan again this time. You shouldn't have done this. Now the whole underworld is going to suffer. You are lucky that his wife is still alive. If something would've happened to her, you would have been dead by now."