Mother Li and An Yixi followed Xie Ming to her room.

Father Li patted on Li Singtans shoulder and said," Don't waste your time blaming yourself. This wasn't your fault after all. I don't have to tell you what you should do next. You know it very well. Whoever it was dared to harm someone from the Li family. Make them pay."

Li Singtan nodded his head.

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Father Li sighed and left.

" Follow me. There is something that you should know." Mike said.

Yang Yutang, Li Quin, Han Zihao and Li Singtan followed Mike to his chamber.


Inside the chamber.

Before Dr Mike could say anything, Han Zihao handed Li Singtan the tab and said," Boss the manager of the mall has sent the CCTV footage of the incident. I think you should have a look at this first."

Taking the tab from his hand, Li Singtan started the video.

The footage was quite clear.

" That is you." Pointing towards Li Singtan on the footage, Yang Yutang said.

Everyone widened their eyes in shock when they saw a man wearing a cap rush towards Li Singtan with a knife in his hand.

" This" Li Quin said.

Li Singtan was even more shocked. That man was actually trying to attack him.

" He wanted to attack you. How did your wife end up-" Mike stopped talking when he saw Xie Ming rushing towards Li Singtan and when the man stabbed Xie Ming instead, everyone gasped.

Li Singtans eyes turned red. Xie Ming had saved him. He should have been the one instead of her. He then threw the tab angrily towards the wall. Li Singtan was fuming with anger.

Everyone had a very serious expression on their face.

Mike took a deep breath and said," They wanted to kill you."

Li Singtan did not say anything.

" Whoever did this must really hates you a lot. He wanted to kill you anyway." Mike said.

" What do you mean?" Li Singtan asked.

Mike straightened his back and said," The knife was poisoned and let me tell you, it wasn't a ordinary one."

" Poisoned?"Li Quin asked.

" Yes. Your wife is really very lucky to survive. She had already lost a lot of blood when she arrived here and on top of that, the poison had already started to spread in her body. Luckily we were able to drain it out on time. Otherwise-" Mike said. Pausing for a while, he continued," Anyway she did not damage any of her organs. She should wake up by tomorrow morning."

Yang Yutang placed his hand on Li Singtans shoulder and said," Do you think-"

" Yes." Li Singtan said.

Li Quin nodded his head and said," I also think it is him."

Mike smiled and said," Who Simon? What don't give me that okay. Since I was away for few years, that doesn't mean I don't know what is happening in that world."

Yang Yutang sighed and said," He is after Singtan again."

Mike chuckled and said," I know. Who else do you think can use such sly methods to attack someone?"

"So you are joining us again?" Yang Yutang asked.

"I actually never left." Mike said.

Mike was Li Singtan's and Yang Yutangs childhood friend. He was also a part of their underworld organisation. Mike left country S few years back. Mike's family had a very strong background in the medical field. Mike being the only son had to opt for the medical field.

"Can you make a poison for me?" Li Singtan asked.

His sudden question startled everyone including Han Zihao.