" Boss please calm yourself down. If you will panic like this who is going to take care of lady boss." Han Zihao said.

Li Singtan took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"Han Zihao." Li Singtan said with very low voice.

" Yes Boss." Han Zihao said

" Nothing will happen to Ming right?" Li Singtan asked.

" Nothing will happen to her boss. Don't worry." Han Zihao said. Never had he seen his boss in such a helpless state.

" Boss You should sit down and relax." Han Zihao said.

Li Singtan nodded his head.

Guiding him towards the nearest bench, Han Zihao passed his boss a cup of water.


Soon the whole Li Family arrived at the hospital.

Mother Li sat beside Li Singtan and asked," How is she?"

" Madam Ms Xie is still in the operation theatre." Han Zihao said.

Mother Li sighed. She then patted her sons head and said," She is going to be fine. Don't worry."

Father Li stood in front of Li Singtan asked," How did this happen?"

Li Singtan kept staring towards the operation theatre and did not say a word.

Father Li patted Li Singtans shoulder and said," Relax son. Our Ming is strong enough to overcome this."

" I was suppose to protect her but I failed." Li Singtan said.

" Don't blame yourself for this bro. This is not your fault." Li Quin said.

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After almost 40. Minutes, the red light of the operation theatre turned off. Li Singtan quickly got up from his seat.

A doctor came out of the operation theatre along with a nurse.

" Shift the patient." The doctor said.

" How is my wife?" Li Singtan asked.

The doctor smiled at Li Singtan and said," Hello Mr Li I am Dr Mike."

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and asked," How is my wife?"

" Tsk Tsk still the same right. You are never gonna change." Mike said.

" Tell me how is she?" Li Singtan asked.

" Hehe. I will tell you if you add a small word in that sentence like ' PLEASE tell me how she is' or ' Please Dr Mike tell me how my beloved is'." Mike said with a wide grin across his face.

" I am asking you for the last time. How is my wife." Li Singtan said angrily.

Dr Mike knew he had teased this ruthless guy enough," She is lucky that she survived."

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and asked," What do you mean?"

" Come to my cabin. I'll explain everything to you." Mike said.

" Tell me now." Li Singtan said.

Ignoring his words, Mike turned towards mother Li and said," Ahh I wonder who is beautiful young lady is."

Mother Li slapped his cheeks and said," Stop teasing me. When did you come back?"

Mike smiled and gave mother Li a hug," Last week. I was planning to visit you this weekend it who knew we would meet like this."

" I cant believe you really became a doctor." Mother Li said.

" I cant believe that a sweet and caring person like you actually gave birth to someone like him." Mike said pointing towards Li Singtan.

Mother Li giggled and said," Since Ming is in your hands now, all my worries are gone."

Soon Yang Yutang and Yan Yixi arrived at the hospital.

When Yang Yutang saw a familiar person standing beside mother Li, he narrowed his eyes and said," What are you doing here?"

" You are asking a doctor what he is doing in a hospital? Like seriously. What do you people eat?" Mike said.

Yang Yutang rolled his eyes and said," I mean when did you come back?"

" Last week." Mike said.

Yang Yutang threw a punch across his face and said," You did not even inform us."

" Owww dude. What the hell? You want to destroy my handsome face." Mike said.

Before Yang Yutang could say anything, Xie Ming was brought out of the operation theatre.

" We are shifting Mrs Li in her room. Family members can follow us." The nurse said.

Li Singtan's heart ached After seeing his wife in such a state. Her face looked very pale. He couldn't help but blame himself for not protecting her well.