The manger gulped in fear. She vigorously nodded his head and said," Dont worry Mr Li. I'll investigate this matter personally."

Li Singtan did not say anything. Carrying Xie Ming in his arms, he rushed towards the car.


Outside the cafe.

" Tsk Tsk too bad." the man said.

Chen Siquan was in daze after he saw what had happened. When he saw Xie Ming sacrificing herself for Li Singtan, he felt a prick in his heart. Some kind of a sour feeling enveloped his heart. He lowered his head and thought ' If I had actually married Xie Ming that day, she would have done the same thing for me when I would ever me danger right?'

" Mr Chen I am very sorry. I could not show you that Li Singtan is made up of flesh and blood just like us." The man said.

Chen Siquan did not say anything.

" Did you see his face right now? That expression was much more better than what I had expected to see." The man said.

Chen Siquan narrowed his eyes and asked," Who are you? And why are you after them?"

The man chuckled and said," Can't you make out that I want to kill him? But now I realise that killing him is not that fun. Even if I kill him, I will never be able to see that fear and panic expression in his face that I have seen today." Pausing for a while, he said," As I had guessed, like every ordinary husband, his weakness is his wife."

Chen Siquan narrowed his eyes in suspicion. His inner instincts were telling him that this man is dangerous.

" So Mr Chen I guess you need some time to think right? You can take as much as time you want but I want and answer within 2 days." After saying this the man started walking away.

Chen Siquan quickly stopped him and asked," Wait. At least tell me your name."

The man smiled and said," Simon. My name is Simon."


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When the chauffeur saw his boss rushing towards the car with Xie Ming in his arms, he knew something was not right. He then quickly opened the back door for them.

Li Singtan placed Xie Ming inside the car and shouted," Quick hospital."

The chauffeur widened his eyes in shock when he saw blood stains on Li Singtans clothes.

Without wasting anytime, he quickly hoped inside the car and left the mall.

On the way to the hospital , Li Singtan continuously patted on Xie Ming's cheeks trying to wake her up. But when Xie Ming did not wake up, Li Singtna panicked.

When he held her hand, it was cold as ice. He rubbed her hand in order to make it warm.

" Drive faster." Li Singtan shouted.



As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Li Singtan rushed inside with Xie Ming in his arms.

" Quickly get me a doctor." Li Singtan shouted.

The hospital staff did not fail to recognise him. Without wasting any time, they placed Xie Ming on the stretcher and took her inside the operation theatre.

" Sir please wait outside." a nurse stopped Li Singtan.

Li Singtan reluctantly stepped backwards.

When he saw his hands which was covered with Xie Ming's blood, his legs felt weak. This blood belonged to his wife. Li Singtan felt like a loser. He could not even keep his wife safe. It was his fault. He shouldn't have let his guard down. When they arrived at the mall, he had asked his bodyguard to stay outside because he wanted Xie Ming to shop freely without anyone guarding them. It was all his fault.

When Han Zihao entered the hospital and saw Li Singtan standing outside the operation theatre staring at his hands which was covered with blood, he sighed.

When the chauffeur called him and told him about the incident, Han Zihao quickly rushed towards the hospital because he knew that his boss would need him. He also informed the Li family about the incident.

Li Singtan doted on his wife a lot and Han Zihao was aware of that. His boss had been monitoring Xie Ming's movement since a very long time. Han Zihao knew that Li Singtan loved his wife with all his heart and soul.