Tightening his grip around the bouquet, Zian gritted his teeth. How could she poke some other man's bicep when she hadn't poked his?

Zian's blood was boiling seeing them laughing and happily chatting with each other. How tempted he was to walk over and shoot that man dead.

Closing his eyes, Zian took a deep breath to calm himself down before walking towards the woman he loved and the man he was so tempted to kill.

\"Touch it once.\" The man chuckled while showing Mian his biceps.

Mian vigorously shook her head and chuckled, \"No thank you.\"

\"Okay at least poke it, come on. You'll know whether I workout or not.\" The man insisted.

Sticking her finger out, Mian poked his biceps and pouted her lips, \"Okay, they are hard.\"

\"See I-\"


Turning towards the entrance, Mian smiled when she saw Zian standing there with a bouquet of red roses in his hand. But her smile turned into a frown when he saw his gloomy expression.

\"Boyfriend?\" Jason whispered.

\"Childhood crush who has a crush on me too.\" Mian whispered back.

Jason chuckled and patted Mian's head, \"You go girl.\"

Zian's eyes almost popped out when he saw them whispering and he almost fainted out of anger and jealousy when that man started patting Mian's head.

Now he didn't just want to shoot him dead but he also wanted to cut his hands off.

After bidding Jason goodbye, Mian started walking towards Zian with a bright smile on her face.

\"Is that for me?\" Mian asked.

Without saying anything, Zian grabbed Mian's hand and started dragging her towards his car.

Shocked and taken aback by his sudden reaction, Mian widened her eyes in shock.

Mian frowned when she realised how hot his hands were. Zian's hand was burning hot.

Touching his arm which was also burning, Mian asked, \"Zi, are you sick?\"


\"At least tell me what happened.\" Mian asked.

Without saying anything, Zian opened the passenger door and shoved Mian inside before storming his way to the driver's seat.


Inside the car.

\"Zian what happened?\" Mian asked.


\"Zian why are you behaving so strangely?\"


When Zian did not say anything, Mian sighed and helplessly shook her head. \"At least tell me where we are going?\"


\"Zi-\" Mian pouted her lips and placed her hand on his but the latter was so focused driving that he did not pay any heed to her coquettish behaviour.


Gourmet Regency.

Hopping out of the car, Zian hopped out of the car and rushed towards Mian's side.

Pulling her out, Zian started walking towards the building.

Without saying anything, Mian kept on following him behind.


Zian's apartment.

After unlocking the door, Zian kicked the door shut before walking towards the master bedroom.


Inside the bedroom.

Letting go of her hand, tossed the bouquet on the couch and took off his suit.

Mian widened her eyes in shock when he took off his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Taking a step back, Mian gulped in nervousness and asked, \"Zi, what are you doing?\"

Taking off his shirt, Zian tossed it aside before walking towards her.

Mian gulped a mouthful of saliva at the sight of his strongly built body. His biceps, his muscles and not to forget about his sexy six-pack abs. Everything about his body was worth drooling on.

Mian kept on taking a step back until her back hit the cold wall.

Trapping her in between his arms, Zian glared at her.

\"Zian what happened? Are you angry? Did I do something wrong?\" Mian asked. She had never seen him so angry. Zian seldom showed his anger to Mian so she wasn't used to seeing him like that. Little did Mian know that this was actually a mixer of 99.99% jealousy and 00.01% of anger.

\"Touch it.\" Zian said.

Mian fronwed and asked, \"What?\"

Pointing towards his biceps, Zian snapped, \"Touch them.\"

Slowly lifting her hand, Mian gulped in nervousness before placing her hand on his biceps.

Mian felt a weird sensation when she touched his skin. It was a weird but it felt so good.

Zian closed his eyes and murmured, \"Poke them.\"

Sticking her finger out, Mian poked his biceps which were a hundred times more better than Jason's.

Inching closer, Zian asked, \"So, which one is better? His or mine?\"

Mian widened her eyes in shock and chuckled, \"Wait? What? Don't tell me you're doing this because you're jealous?\"

Mian gasped when Zian grabbed her waist and pulled her closer.

With his lips just a few inches away from hers, Mian's heart started beating wildly. He was too close and it felt very hot and dangerous.

\"Why shouldn't I not be jealous?\" Zian asked.

When Mian did not say anything, Zian added, \"When my woman pokes some other man's biceps right in front of my eyes, why shouldn't I be jealous?\"

'MY WOMAN' Mian's mind went into a frenzy after hearing that particular word from him. Her legs felt wobbly and her limbs started turning weak.

\"Didn't you give me a week to tell you why I care about you?\" Zian asked.

When Mian nodded her head, Zian added, \"So you are not allowed to get close to any guy at work before I tell you why I care about you.\"

Mian nodded his head and said, \"Fair enough.\"

Inching closer, Zian kissed her neck a couple of times before nibbling her skin.

Mian closed her eyes and arched her neck to the other side giving him more access.

Tightening his grip around her waist, Zian started sucking harder making sure to leave a big mark behind. People at her workplace with biceps should know that she was taken.

Losing all her senses, Mian's hands started wandering all over his abs and arms.

Her mind was turning blank while her body was turning hot by every passing second.

Swirling his tongue around his little creation, Zian started trailing kissing down her collarbones and shoulders.

Mian shivered when his lips touched her skin. Curling her toes, she tightened her grip around his arm.

Sensing her nervousness, Zian buried her face on her neck to calm himself down.

He couldn't, not until he gave her a perfect proposal. Though he knew Mian didn't mind, he still wanted to follow traditions.