Li Corporation was so big that by the time Xie Ming reached the 6th floor, Li Singtan was over with his meeting.

" How was it?" Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming shook her head and said," Do you have any idea how big your office is? One can easily get lost here."

Li Singtan smiled and said," I'll take you for a tour personally next time."

" Seems like Mr CEO had nothing else to do." Xie Ming said.

Running his hands down her hair, Li Singtan said," I am always free for you. Come now let's go. First we will go to the mall and then I'll take you somewhere else."


Imperial mall.

A man dressed in his business suit was sitting patiently inside a cafe waiting for someone.

" Sir do you want something?" A waiter asked.

Chen Siquan waved his hand and gestured him to leave. Glancing at his watch, Chen Siquan decided to leave.

As he was about to get up from his seat, a man stepped forward and said," Mr Chen were you leaving without meeting me?"

Chen Siquan raised his brows and asked," Who are you?"

The man chuckled and said," Well that was not the answer that I was expecting." Pausing for a while, the man said," Without wasting anytime, I'll come straight to the point, I will help you with matters regarding your company and in return I want you to help me kill someone."

Chen Siquan scrunched his eyebrows and asked," Who?"

The mans lips curled upwards," Li Singtan."

Chen Siquan widened his eyes in shock," You are kidding right?"

The man chuckled and said," I never kid. I know you want that too. Don't you?"

Chen Siquan smirked and said," You are correct. But don't forget who your are talking about. I do want him dead but I am stupid."

" Why? Is Mr Li Singtan made of steel? Why can't he die? Is he immortal?" The man asked. Pausing for a while, the man said," He is made up of flesh and blood. If you prick him with a knife, he will bleed. Let me show you."

After saying this, the man got up from his seat and started walking towards the entrance.

Chen Siquan also got up from his seat and followed him.


Outside the cafe.

Pointing towards the crowd, the man said," Look there is our target."

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When Chen Siquan followed his gaze, he saw Li Singtan standing in the crowd talking to someone over the phone," And there comes our proof. Now you will know that Mr Li is also made up flesh and blood just like us." The man said pointing towards another man.

Chen Siquan widened his eyes in shock, when he saw a man rushing towards Li Singtan with a knife in his hand," This-"

" Just wait for few seconds." The man said.

" Stop him." Chen Siquan shouted.

The man was rushing towards Li Singtan with great speed.