In the Chen Mansion.

As uncle Chen left the mansion, Father Chen laughed and said," It's good that he left."

Chen Siquan did not say anything. Uncle Chen did not use his power to throw him out. He found this strange.

" Alright now stop overthinking. Since you are still the CEO of the company so think about a way to save Chen Enterprise." Father Chen said.

As Chen Siquan was about to answer, his phone rang.

Looking at the caller Id he frowned. It displayed a weird number. He quickly answered the call," Hello."

" Mr Chen. How are you?" the person said.

" Who is this?" Chen Siquan asked.

The man on the other side chuckled and said," Saviour, God or probably your guardian Angel. Whatever you want to call me you can." Without waiting for Chen Siquan's reply, the man said," If you want to save Chen Enterprise then meet me at the Imperial mall today at 4pm. I'll wait for you."

After saying this, the man hung up the call.

Chen Siquan narrowed his eyes. He decided to meet the person.


Li Mansion

Li Singtan and Xie Ming were sitting on the bed leaning against each other.

Playing with her hair, Li Singtan said," I have a meeting this afternoon after that I am free. Do you want to go out with me tonight?"

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Are you taking me on a date Mr Husband?"

Li Singtan smiled and said," Yes. I never got a chance to woo you. So I have decided that I'll take you on dates, buy gifts for you and plan surprises for you."

Xie Ming laughed," I am already your wife. Why do you have to woo me?"

" I want to." Li Singtan said.

" Where are you planning to take me?" Xie Ming asked.

" Where do you want to go?" Li Singtan asked.

" I have to buy something from the Imperial mall. Will you accompany me their first. After that we can go wherever you want." Xie Ming said.

" Okay." Li Singtan said.


" Why are you nervous? I am the one meeting your father not you." Yang Yutang said.

Fixing his tie, An Yixi said," I am not nervous. It's just- Ahhh this tie."

Yang Yutang caught both her hands and said," Relax Okay. Everything will be fine." Kissing her on her forehead, he continued," Stay here with mother and Ming. I'll come back after meeting Mr An. Later I'll take you out for dinner."

An Yixi nodded her head.


Inside An Corporation.

" Mr Yang please come in. Mr An is waiting for you." the assistant said.

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Yang Yutang nodded his head and entered father An's office.

As soon as they entered the office, Father An gestured the assistant to leave.

" What do you want to drink? Tea or water." Father An asked.

" Water will do." Yang Yutang answered.

Father An poured a glass of water for Yutang and placed it in front of him and said," I hope your feelings for my daughter are genuine."

Yang Yutang nodded his head and said," There is definitely no doubt in that."

Father An smiled and said," You really match my daughter and I can see that even she likes you. You two really look good together But-" The smile in Father An's face disappeared and was replaced with a very cold expression," If you ever hurt her or make her cry, you'll be dead. I don't mind firing 60 bullets on your body without batting an eye."

Pausing for a while, Father An said," I have been a part of the underworld since 30 years but I have always kept my family members away from it specially my wife and Yixi. No matter how many enemies I have, I never let them harm my family."

" You and your friend joined the underworld few years back. Your friend his already known as the kind of the underworld and you are no less feared there. You people have reached that height which was unable to touch even in 30 years. So naturally the number of enemies you have is triple to what I have. I don't care how ruthless you are. I don't care what people think about you. I can even ignore the fact that you shot 30 bullets inside a single person in less than minute without even blinking an eye because I know underworld is a place for ruthlessness. The word 'mercy' doesn't exist in there."

" But I hope that you'll protect my daughter in the future just like I have been doing. You will keep your enemies away from her and keep her safe. The connection between me and the underworld is still unknown to her and I have no intention of telling her."

Placing his hand on Yutangs shoulder, Father An said," I know you have the capability of keeping her safe. Can I trust you with my daughter?"