Which father would want his daughter to be with a someone who is well known to be as cold as the king of the underworld.

" Mr An is a sensible man." Li Singtan said.

Yang Yutang did not say anything.

" The news about about Li Quin having a son and about you and Yixi is all over." Li Singtan said.

Yang Yutang smiled and said," The news about Mr Li Singtan buying the world most expensive ring is also all over."

Li Singtan smirked while Li Quin widened his eyes in shock.

" Brother you were the one who bought that ring?" Li Quin asked.

Li Singtan nodded his head.

" Does sister-in-law know?" Li Quin asked.

" Not yet." Li Singtan answered.

" How are planning to solve the matter regarding Ben and Rose?" Yang Yutang asked Li Quin.

Li Quin took a deep breath and said," I will have to discuss this with Rose first."

Li Singtan patted Li Quins shoulder and said," Don't trouble her with this matter. Leave it to me. I'll handle it."

Li Quin smiled and nodded his head. His brother was his saviour. He knew that though Li Singtan acted aloof and made fun of him, his brother loved him a lot. Whenever he was in trouble, he always helped him get out of it.


When the men were having a serious discussion outside, the ladies were sitting in front of the television watching news.

Headlines like: [ Ms Xie Ming, eldest daughter of the Mr Xie Chuang is now the wife of Mr Li Singtan]

[ Mr Yang Yutang and Ms An Yixi declare their Relationship in public]

[Mr Xie refuses to acknowledge his youngest daughter says ' I just have two kids']

[ Mr Li Quin the youngest son of the Li Family suddenly declares that he has a son]

[ Ms Xie Yurin acts crazily during the Li Banquet and was thrown out along with her husband, Mr Chen Siquan]

[ The worlds most expensive ring 'Eternity' was bought by Mr Li Singtan for his Wife Ms Xie Ming]

" Oh my God we are all over the news." An Yixi said.

" Wait What? Mr Li was the one who bought ' Eternity'?" An Yixi shouted. Pointing towards Xie Ming's finger, she said," This is eternity."

Xie Ming was also equally shocked. Looking at the ring in her, she felt like as if she did not deserve wearing it.


Meanwhile in the Chen Mansion things were different.

Father Chen was furious about Xie Yurins behaviour at the banquet and was shouting at Chen Siquan.

" Shouting won't help now. You should have killed this unworthy son of yours before he was born." A loud voice echoed all over the mansion.

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Chen Siquan froze when he saw who the person was," Uncle Seini."

" I am not your uncle neither are you my nephew. Things ended between us the day you betrayed my Ming in front of everyone." uncle Chen shouted.

Chen Siquan nervously gulped. Uncle Chen was fuming in anger. He was scared of losing his CEO position.

" Brother listen to me." Father Chen tried to coax his elder brother.

" You shut up." Uncle Chen shouted.

Father Chen could only grit his teeth. He could not offend uncle Chen.

Walking towards Chen Siquan, uncle Chen have him a tight slap *thish*," This is for playing dirty tricks on Ming."

Chen Siquan was trying to steady himself from the first slap when one more slap landed in his cheek *thish*," This is for playing dirty tricks on the Xie Enterprise."

Chen Siquan curled his hands into a fist to control his anger. He could not act recklessly in front of uncle Chen.

Uncle Chen laughed and said," What? Won't you say anything? Won't you revolt? Won't you say that you did nothing wrong?" Pausing for a while, he continued," You are scared of losing her position aren't you?"

Chen Siquan's eyes flashed. He gulped in fear.

" I am the biggest share holder. I can easily kick you out if the position." Uncle Chen said. Pausing for a while, he continued," Bit I won't do that."

Chen Siquan narrowed his eyes in disbelief. Father Chen was shocked as well.