" Ming Rose." An Yixi shouted and came running towards them.

When Yixi saw marks on Rose's neck, pointing towards them she smiled and said," Oh my someone had a rough night yesterday."

Rose lowered her head and blushed while Li Quin cheekily smiled.

Ben pointed towards Rose's neck and said," Mommy got hurt."

Rose pursed her lips and said," No darling. It's a mosquito bite."

Li Quin frowned. Touching his face, he thought,' Do I look like a mosquito?'

Walking towards Ben, Li Singtan said," Yes Ben. It was a very big mosquito. As big as you daddy." Taking Ben from Li Quins arms, Li Singtan said," I am taking my nephew away from you people. You are going to pollute his innocent mind."

Holding Ben with one hand, Li Singtan extended his hand towards his wife and said," Come lets go inside."

Taking his hand, Xie Ming smiled and followed him.

" It's all your fault. Oh my God brother Singtan also saw these marks. So embarrassing." Rose said.

Li Quin wrapped his arms around her waist and said," Calm down alright. No one is going to judge you."


" Ah there you are Rose." Mother Li said.

Rose smiled and gave her a hug.

" Did my son bully you last night?" Mother Li asked Rose in a low voice.

Rose blushed vigorously and shook her head.

Mother Li smiled and said," I am happy for you."

Mother Li then pulled Li Quins ear and said," If I hear any complain from my daughter-in-law about you bullying her then see what will I do to you."

Li Quin hissed in pain and said," Ouch mom. That hurts. You need to stop doing this okay. I am a father now. What will my son think of me? Ouch."

" I'll do this even in front of my great grandchild." Mother Li said as she released his ear.

Rubbing his ear, Li Quin frowned and complained," Why didn't you warn brother like this?"

Mother Li brushed him off saying," Singtan is much more sensible then you. He would rather get bullied by his wife for the entire life than hurt her or bully her. He is not irresponsible like you. You don't even clean your room on your own and here you are calling yourself a father."

Li Quin wiped his artificial tears and said," This is discrimination. You see Rose this is how they treat me."

Rose rolled her eyes and said," You deserve it."

" Even you are not taking my side?" Li Quin asked.

He then started looking at everyone present in the room. Everyone ignored his gaze except for Xie Ming.

Running towards his sister-in-law, Li Quin said," Sister-in-law do you think I am Not sensible and responsible?"

Xie aming shook her head and said," I think Quin will be a great father."

Li Quins face beamed with happiness. He wrapped his arms around Xie Ming and said," I have the best sister-in-law in the world."

Li Singtan slapped Li Quins hand and said," Dont touch her. You will dirty her clothes."

Li Quin pouted and said," Mother do you really think he is sensible?"

Li Singtan frowned and said," What did you say?"

" Eheheh nothing nothing you are sensible. Very sensible." Li Quin said.

Everyone burst into laughter.


After having breakfast, the ladies started clearing the table. Father Li and garndpa Li sat on the sofa sipping tea while the other three men decided to take a walk in the garden.

" Do you really think he will do that?" Yang Yutang asked.

" I don't think so he will do that brother." Li Quin said.

Li Singtan did not say anything. Placing his hand on his pocket, he said," I know him well. He is going to use Chen Siquan as a bait now."

Yang Yutangs eyes turned dark," We have to something about that."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," Not yet. Let them make a move first."

" Brother you have to be careful. Don't go anywhere without proper protection. Their main target is you after all." Li Quin said.

" I really don't care about myself. Just make sure that your sister-in-law is safe." Li Singtan answered.

Yang Yutang sighed and asked," Did the old man contact you again?"

" No. But he will not harm me."Li Singtan said.

" They met him yesterday again." Li Quin said with a serious expression.

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and asked," Where?"

" Shopping mall. Yixi told me." Yang Yutang said.

" Rose told me the same thing." Li Quin said.

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Li Singtan frowned. Xie Ming never told him anything about this," By now he surely knows who Rose and Yixi are so you both have to be extra careful about their safety, specially Ben. Ben is a very easy target for them."

" You don't worry about the security. I will take care of it." Yang Yutang said.

" Talk to Mr An about this as well." Li Singtan said.

Yang Yutang sighed. He had to meet his future father-in-law today. Yutang knew why he was called.

Few years back Yang Yutang along with Li Singtan had gone for a mission. Different organisations of the underworld had joined hands with them in order to take down and destroy the second most powerful organisation of the underworld known as the ' Creepers' who had started killing innocent people and raping any random woman they liked. At that time Li Singtan and Yang Yutang along with the leaders of the other organisations entered the base of the Creepers along with their men.

They divided into two groups lead by Li Singtan and Yang Yutang and headed towards two different direction.

Killing everyone who came in front of him, Yang Yutang had gone crazy. He did not care whether the one in front of him was a male or a female. As long as they were a member of the Creepers, he killed them.

By the time, they managed to enter the core of the base, Li Singtan and Yang Yutang were covered with blood which did not belong to them.

The leader or the organisation were two twin brothers. Standing in front of the two brothers, Li Singtan and Yang Yutang started firing bullets on them. They fired 30 bullets each into their body without even blinking an eye.

The people who were present their started shivering in fear when they felt the cold emitting their body. Li Singtan was well known for his coldness but this was first time people realised that Yang Yutang was no less. From that day onwards, everyone started fearing Yang Yutang along with Li Singtan.

After the mission was successful, Li Singtan threw a party for all the organisations for supporting them. That is the time when a man approached Yutang and said with a smile in his face," I actually had misjudged you young boy. You are no less than your partner when it comes to killing people mercilessly." After saying this the man left.

Later when Yang Yutang investigated about who the man was, he came to know that the man was father An. His organisation had also taken part in the mission along with them.