Next morning everyone rushed towards the Li Mansion as they had decided to have breakfast in the mansion together.

Grandma and Grandpa Li along with mother Li and Father Li arrived early in the morning as they had prepare breakfast for everyone.

" Mother I am really very happy today." Mother Li said with a bright smile on her face.

Grandma Li patted her head and said," I know. Li Quin and Rose really look very good together. When they were dancing together yesterday, your father told me that he wanted to talk to Rose and make her his next granddaughter-in-law. I scolded him and asked him not to interfere." Pausing for a while, grandma Li said," Meili, what Quin did yesterday at the banquet for Ben is something that shows how is upbringing is. You have raised both of them well. Most importantly you taught them how they should treat a woman. I am very proud of of you. I always say that my son is very lucky to have you as his wife but today I feel like the whole Li family is lucky to have you."

Mother Li hugged grandma Li and said," You are the best mother-in-law."

Grandma Li patted mother Li's back and said," I want you to the best mother-in-law in the whole world and I know you will."


An Yixi and Yang Yutang were the first one to arrive.

" Ahh comes our new love buds." Mother Li said.

Yang Yutang cheekily smiled while An Yixi lowered her head and blushed.

" Now you have a girlfriend so stop flirting with my wife." Grandpa Li shouted.

Yang Yutang chuckled and said," I am sorry Grandpa. Quanci is my first love so I cannot forget her."

" You ungrateful brat. How can you call your grandmother by her name? Only I can do that." Grandpa Li roared.

Yang Yufan stuck his tongue out and quickly ran inside the kitchen with Yixi.


Inside the car.

Li Quin was driving while Rose was sitting in the passenger seat.

" If you keep looking at me like this how will you drive?" Rose asked.

Li Quin smiled and said," It's your fault for being so beautiful."

Rose chuckled and said," Drive fast Mr Li otherwise we will be late for breakfast."

" Who wants to have breakfast when we both can eat each other up and enjoy?" Li Quin said.

Rose laughed and said," Shut up and drive."

Li Quin took a deep breath and started driving again. He felt very light when he woke up this morning with Rose in his arms. The woman he loved was officially his now. Since now Rose was officially his girlfriend, Li Quin started preparing for the next step. The sooner the better.


When Rose and Quin arrived at the Li Mansion, Singtan, Ming and Ben arrived at the same time.

Xie Ming smiled when she saw Quin and Rose walking together holding hands.

Ben quickly rushed towards them and said," Mommy hug."

When Rose tried lifting Ben in her arms, she flinched in pain. Her whole body felt sore since morning.

Li Quin placed her hand on her shoulder and asked," You Okay?"

Rose did not say anything but only glared at him.

Li Quin stuck his tongue out and said," Hey champ come here. Let dad carry you."

Ben blinked twice at Li Quin and asked," Is uncle Quin really my daddy?"

Li Quin pinched Ben's nose and said," Yes I am your daddy."

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Ben looked at Rose.

When he saw his mom nodding her head in agreement, Ben hugged Li Quins leg and started jumping in excitement," Yeah yeah I also have a daddy." Extending his hands towards Li Quin, Ben said," Daddy hug."

Li Quin felt quite pleased and happy when Ben addressed him as his dad.

He quickly took the little one in his arms and said," Daddy will always love you and your mommy."