After the banquet ended, An Yixi and Yang Yutang was seeing Father An off.

" Dad I think I should also leave with you." An Yixi said.

Father An brushed his hands in the air and said," Ahh don't bother me. Young couples like you need to spend some what do you people call it?" thinking for a while, Father An continued," Ah ha I got it. Young couples like you have to spend some quality time together and I really don't mind having a grandchild."

An Yixi blushed and said," Dad we are not married yet. What nonsense are you spouting?"

" What? Is there a law or something saying that you cannot fall pregnant before getting married?" Father An asked.

An Yixi rolled her eyes and said," Stop."

Placing his hand on Yang Yutangs shoulder, Father An said," Young man I'll see you tomorrow. Don't forget about our meeting."

Yang Yutang nodded his head.

After saying that father An boarded his car and left.


After Father An left, Yang Yutang quickly grabbed An Yixi's arm and pulled him towards him," I am very happy today."

An Yixi smiled and said," Same."

" Come let's go and rest. It's quite late now." Yang Yutang said.

" Wait What do you mean by that? I am going to my room and you are going to yours." An Yixi asked.

" What room? Which room?" Yang Yutang asked.

An Yixi furrowed her brows and said," I have a room booked in this hotel."

Yang Yutang shook his head and said," Ohh that room. Well I have cancelled the booking already. We are going to my room." Without waiting for her reply, Yang Yutang caught her hand and started walking.


Inside the room.

When Yang Yutang and An Yixi entered the room, Yang Yutang said," I'll go and change. Make yourself comfortable okay."

" Actually I-I don't have anything to wear. Actually my clothes are in Ming's room. I don't think so I should disturb her today. So do you have an extra shirt?" An Yixi asked.

Yang Yutang nodded his head and said," My clothes and inside that bag. Feel free to wear anything you like."

After saying this Yutang passed her a towel and said," You should go and freshen up first."

An Yixi nodded her head. Picking up light blue shirt from his bag, she rushed towards the washroom.

After fifteen minutes when An Yixi came out of the washroom.

Yang Yutang who was sitting on the couch widened his eyes in shock.

An Yixi was wearing his blue shirt which exposed her thighs and her slender legs. She had left the first 3 buttons open exposing her cleavage.

Yang Yutang gulped. He could not help but drool. He wanted to pounce upon her and eat her up but he could not do that. Trying very hard to control his feelings and desires, he inwardly cursed himself for bringing her here.

An Yixi smirked, walking towards the couch she sat beside him and said," Mr Boyfriend stop drooling over your sexy girlfriend and go and take a bath."

Yang Yutang scratched his head and rushed towards the washroom. He really needed a cold shower right now.

After taking bath when Yutang came out of the washroom, Yixi was already sitting on the bed.

Yang Yutang picked up a pillow and started walking towards the couch.

" Where are you going?" Yixi asked.

" You sleep on the bed. I'll sleep here." Yang Yutang said.

An Yixi poured and said," The bed is quite big for both of us to sleep comfortably. So just sleep here."

" I don't think so that is a good idea. It's fine I'll sleep on the couch." Yutang said.

An Yixi crossed her hands together and said," Don't you know the Rule no.1 of relationship?"

Yang Yutang shook his head.

" Rule no.1: Always Listen to your girlfriend. Now be a good boyfriend and follow the rules. " An Yixi said patting the other side of the bed.

Yang Yutang sighed and sat on the bed. He also wanted to sleep next to her but he was scared of losing control and scaring her away.

An Yixi puffed the pillow for him and said," You did not even introduce me to your sister today."

" Don't worry. I'll take you to the Yang mansion this weekend." Yutang said.

" I wanted to meet your mom and sister." Yixi said.

Tucking a hair strand behind her ears, he said," Mom did not come. Only Yang Ling was there. I met her at the end of the banquet and asked her to wait for me at the parking lot, she told me that she met someone and he would drop her home. She was in a hurry. So I couldn't ask who that man was. It's not safe to talk to any random man she meets."

Yixi laughed and said," She is big enough to date a man. Don't poke your nose in your sisters life."

Yang Yutang smiled and then pulled her to his embrace and said," I love you."

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An Yixi also smiled and said," I love you too."


Yutang and Yixi were now a couple, Quin and Rose were also together, Singtan and Ming's relationship was also improving.

Everyone was happy. Only if they knew that this happiness wouldn't last long.