While Quin and Rose were enjoying each other's company, the atmosphere in Xie Ming and Li Singtans room was cold and dangerous .

Xie Ming was sitting in the bed coaxing Ben while Li Singtan sitting on the couch frowning.

His wife had confessed about her for him few hour ago so he had expected this night to be special. But the presence of Ben ruined everything. He could not even hug his wife to sleep today because his wife had decided that Ben would sleep between them. Inwardly cursing Li Quin, he decided to bash his brother hard tomorrow.

Xie Ming chuckled when she saw the gloomy expression on his face. Slowly tucking Ben inside the quilt, she got up and walked towards Li Singtan and asked," What happened Mr Li?"

" Nothing." Li Singtan replied flatly.

Xie Ming chuckled and sat beside him. Wrapping her hands on his arm, she rested her head on his shoulder and said," You are sulking and it is so evident."

Li Singtan took a deep breath but did not say anything.

Xie Ming sighed and said," It's a big night for them. Let them solve all their issues tonight itself, so they can lead a happy life tomorrow. Manage for tonight. Tomorrow I promise I will hug you as tight as possible while sleeping."

Li Singtan wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him," Then let me hug you for a while."

Xie Ming smiled and asked," Did you like the ring?"

" Everything that you give me is beautiful." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming laughed and said," So cheesy."

" You like cheese don't you?" Li Singtan asked.

" I love it."

After hugging each other for a while, Li Singtan reluctantly let Xie Ming go. But before she got up from the couch, she leaned towards him and gave her a quick peck on his lips and tried to escape as soon as possible.

Li Singtan did not expect her to make such a big move. He was shocked as well as surprised. He had high hopes about their first kiss. So was a peck enough for him?

Li Singtan quickly grabbed Xie Ming's hand and pinned her down on the couch.

Xie Ming gasped in surprise.

Brushing her hair off her face, Li Singtan leaned forward and said," Mrs Li Do you thing your husband would be satisfied with just a peck?"

Xie Ming blushed and did not say anything.

Li Singtan then slowly moved towards her lips. Stopping few inches away, he asked," May I Mrs Li?"

Xie Ming face became red. She nodded her head.

Li Singtan then captured her lips. He sucked her lower lip for a while and then moved towards the upper one.

When Xie Ming felt his warm lips, her whole body started trembling. She quickly composed herself and was ready to kiss him back when Li Singtan stopped kissing her and said," That's enough for tonight."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows. She hadn't even kissed him back and he was saying that it was enough.

When Li Singtan was about to get up, Xie Ming grabbed his collar and pulled him towards her. She then captured his lips and stared sucking them hard.

Li Singtan was caught off guard. He then closed his eyes and started returning her kiss.

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Li Singtan bit her lower lip. When Xie Ming gasped, he used that opportunity to slid his tongue inside.

Xie Ming moaned when she felt his warm tongue intertwining with her tongue.

Li Singtan on the other hand was going crazy. When he heard her sweet little moan, he started sucking and kissing her harder.

After kissing for a long time, Li Singtan finally let her go when Xie Ming was almost out of breath.

Both of them stood there panting in each other's embrace.

Li Singtan wanted to kiss her all over again. When he was about to capture her lips again, the little creature got up from his sleep slowly rubbing his eyes and said," Mommy."

Xie Ming kicked Li Singtan away and quickly got up from the couch and said," Ben is also here. Control yourself Mr Li."

Li Singtan couldn't help but curse Li Quin inwardly. He decided that he would punish his brother tomorrow.