\"Hmm, Ben and Sam are quite sensible so I don't think so we have to worry about them. Especially Ben, he is one of the most responsible kids in our family.\" Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and agreed. \"That is true but it's our duty to guide them, isn't it?\"

Singtan nodded his head and snuggled closer, \"Yes honey, I'll talk to Ben someday.\"

\"You should talk wise to me someday too.\" Ming said.

Kissing the tip of her nose, Singtan smiled. \"Only shameless, romantic and dirty talks with Mrs Li.\"

Ming rolled her head and helplessly shook her head. \"We are already so old and yet you are-\"

Cutting her off, Singtan raised his eyebrows. \"Old? I am not old at all and neither are you. We both are as young as ever.\"

Ming chuckled and smacked his arm. \"You have a twenty five years old son and daughter who may get married very soon. You'll become a grandpa hopefully by next year. Yet you say that you are not old.\"

\"Do you want me to show you that I am as young as ever? Do you?\" Singtan asked.

Ming vigorously shook her head and chuckled, \"No thanks, I am very tired. If you are not old, I am.\"

Singtan frowned and shook his head. \"No absolutely not. How can you call my wife old? Look Ming, though it still feels the same to me, maybe our body looks old, but we will always remain super young at heart. And that is the most important thing. One must feel young at heart. And what is age? It is just a number.\"

Ming chuckled and helplessly shook her head. This man and his reasonings. No one could win against him when it comes to playing with words and shutting people up.



Living room.

It was almost 2:00am when Ben arrived home.

Taking off his coat, Ben sat down on the couch and stretched his legs and arms.

\"Ben is that you?\"

Ben sighed and asked, \"What are you doing up so late?\"

Walking towards him with a wine bottle in his hand, Sam sat down beside him. \"I just came back from a shoot.\"

Ben chuckled and said, \"Oh yes I heard how your teenage fans gave you a hard time at the shooting venue.\"

Massaging his temples, Sam sighed. \"They were quite wild today. If not for the bodyguards, I would've seriously been taken advantage of.\"

\"This is what happens when you become too famous.\" Ben said.

Sam sighed and added, \"Yeah man, and handsome too.\"

\"Will you ever stop praising yourself?\" Ben chuckled and helplessly shook his head.

Sam shrugged his shoulders and answered, \"Well, I am handsome so what's wrong in acknowledging that?\"

\"Pour a glass for me too.\" Ben said.

\"Nuan was saying that you were working late again?\" Sam asked.

Massaging his temples, Ben sighed. \"Nuan is faster than all the news channels that exist in this world.\"

\"And mom is always worried about you, even grandma and aunt Ming. Don't you think you should do something about it?\" Sam asked.

When Ben did not say anything, Sam asked, \"Why are you doing this Ben? You need to get over it.\"

Taking the wine glass from his hand, Ben said, \"I don't want to talk about it.\"

\"For God's sake Ben, she is married.\" Sam said in a very low voice.

Ben pursed his lips and didn't say anything. Well, what could he possibly say?

\"You can't waste your time on someone who is already committed. She is someone's wife, why don't you understand this bro?\" Sam added.

\"Let's not talk about this.\" Ben said.

Sam frowned and snapped, \"Well, you can't always skip this topic. You have to understand. It's wrong no matter how strong your feelings are.\"

\"I know okay? I know it's wrong.\" Ben murmured.

\"Then why bro? Why would you still be like this? Everyone is so worried about you. Mom thinks you aren't interested in men but you are too shy to disclose it so she asked me to talk to you.\" Sam frowned and explained.

\"You did not tell her anything right?\" Ben asked.

\"Are you mad? How can I break our pact? And besides I don't wanna give mom a heart attack.\" Sam said.

Ben smiled and patted Sam's shoulder. \"Thanks man.\"

\"Dude why do you have to thank me? We are brothers and best friends remember?\" Sam asked.

Ben smiled and nodded his head.

After talking for quite some time, Ben and Sam called it off for the night.


Inside Ben's room.

Taking off his watch and tie, Ben tossed it aside before sitting on the bed.

Taking out his wallet, Ben took out a photograph of a woman and caressed it.

How could he tell his family members that he was deeply and madly in love with a woman who was already married?

Ben didn't want to freak them out so he decided to stay shut.

He knew it was wrong but he couldn't help it. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't take that woman out of his heart and mind. And now he was stuck. His feelings and compassion for that woman were so strong that he could neither let her go or make her his.

Shoving the picture back into his wallet, Ben tossed his wallet aside and sighed. His life was a total mess.


Next day.

Outside the hospital.

Holding a bouquet of flowers, Zian was standing outside the hospital patiently waiting for Mian who would be coming out any minute.

After seeing more than a hundred proposal videos, Zian analysed everything. He decided to make Mian feel special before the actually big proposal day. So he decided to bring flowers for her and take her out on romantic dates.

Straightening his suit, Zian took deep breaths to calm himself down.

Zian smiled when he saw Mian coming out of the hospital but his smile turned into a frown and his bright expression turned dark and gloomy when he saw a handsome young man walking along with his woman.

His expression turned even more gloomy when Mian started poking that man's arm with a bright smile on her face.