Xie Ming giggled and said," Even my husband thinks that I am not wrong."

Xie Yurin frowned and said," What do you want me to do elder sister? Do you expect me to apologise to a small kid?"

Xie Ming clapped her hands together and said," Ahh that a great idea. You said it on your own." Turning towards Ben, she smiled and said," Baby come over her."

Ben slowly got down from Father Li's arm and ran towards Xie Ming and said in a sweet voice," Beautiful Aunti hug."

Xie Ming quickly picked him up in her arms and said," You are sure heartless Mrs Chen. How could you shout at such an adorable little thing?"

Looking at Xie Yurin, Xie Ming said with a cold voice," Apologise."

Xie Yurin felt very humiliated.

"Aiyaa our Ben does not have all day Mrs Chen. He is a busy kid. He has to play, run, eat, draw and sleep all day. You see how busy our Ben is. So please apologise fast."

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Everyone present in the hall started laughing after hearing what Xie Ming had said. It was too much. It was evident that Xie Ming was mocking Mrs Chen.

Xie Yurin's face turned red because of anger.

Xie Ming sighed and said," You don't have to prepare a long apology speech for our little Ben. He is not sly like you *ahem* I mean us. A simple ' I am sorry Mr Ben' is enough."

Chen Siquan stepped forward and said," Mr Li I think your wife is going overboard."

Li Sing furrowed his brows and said," You and your wife are lucky because it is my wife who is handling this matter. If it was my brother or me instead, your wife would have been already thrown out of this hotel and forever being black listed from entering any property that belongs to the Li's. You are lucky that my wife is a kind hearted person and not vicious like me."

This was enough for Chen Siquan to keep his mouth sealed. Li Singtan was right. If it would've been anyone from the Li family the consequences would've been worse.

Pointing towards Xie Yurin, Li Singtan said," Didn't you hear what my wife told you? Do it fast. We don't have all day. You are wasting our time."

Xie Yurin gritted her teeth and said," I am sorry" but when she saw Xie Ming raised her eyebrows, Xie Yurin continued," Mr Ben."

The corners of Xie Ming's lips curled upwards.

" Since everything is over now. Mr Chen You should escort your wife out of this hall. We don't want her to cause any more trouble." Li Singtan said.

Insult. This was a huge insult. Chen Siquan felt his blood gushing upwards. Never in his entire life had anybody humiliated him like this. But he could not do anything as the one who was standing in front of him was the Li Singtan. He felt helpless. Chen Siquan did not say anything and stood there is daze.

"Honey I think Mr Chen did not understand what you said." Xie Ming said.

Pointing towards Chen Siquan, Li Singtan said," You are lucky enough that I am calling the security to throw you outside. No matter what but your wife is a part of the Xie family, whether the Xie family acknowledges her or not. Just because of that I am letting you go off so easily. Otherwise you know the consequences of crossing my bottom line."

Chen Siquan did not say anything and left along with Xie Yurin.


The party resumed again. Everyone again started dancing, drinking and chatted like nothing happened. The reporters were the one who were the most excited and happy once. They had expected it to be asimple banquet but who would've thought that they would get such hot topics for their magazine and newspaper.

Li Quin did not think twice before addressing Ben as is son in front of everyone. He really did not mind becoming Bens father. In his heart Rose was already his wife and Ben is son.

Li Quin stood in front of Rose and tried to explain," Rose I-"

Rose took two steps backwards and said," I don't feel well. Excuse me." After excusing hereself, she ran out of the hall.

Li Quin ran after her shouting," Rose Wait."

Li Singtan and Xie Ming who were standing behind them saw everything.

" Either this is going to be very good or very bad. What do you think Mr Li." Xie Ming asked.

" You are very beautiful." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming rolled her eyes," Aren't to worried for your brother?"

" He is a grown up man. He should learn to handle his things. Rose is a smart girl so she knows what she should do." Li Singtan said.