Xie Yurin widened her eyes in shock. Looking towards Ben, she thought. ' Son? He is Li Quins son? Li Quin wasn't married right? How does he have a son?'

Ben ran towards Li Quin hand hugged his legs with tears eyes.

When he saw tears in Bens eyes, Li Quins mood worsened. Taking Ben in his arms, he wiped his tears and said in a very doting tone," Hey Champ Why are you crying? Aren't you a superman?"

Ben nodded his head. Sobbing, he said," I- juice- Aunti- not purposely."

Li Quin smiled at him and said," I know."

" Auntie said Ben is a bad boy." Ben said.

Li Quin smiled and said," Stop crying now. This Auntie is bad you are not bad. Go to grandma and let me handle this okay."

Ben nodded his head.

After putting Ben down, Li Quin kissed his cheeks and said," Go straight to grandmother."

Ben ran towards father Li and mother Li. Father Li picked up Ben in his arms while mother Li started coaxing him.

Initially Xie Yurin thought that Li Quin was just bluffing about Ben being his son but now when she saw Mother Li and Father Li dotting on him, she was sure that the boy whom she had scolded so badly was Li Quins son.

The soft expression on Li Quins face disappeared after Ben was gone.

Staring at Xie Yurin, he said," Care to explain?

Xie Yurin shivered in fear and did not say a word.

Seeing his wife in dilemma, Chen Siquan quickly came forward to rescue her.

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Apologetically bowing in front of Li Quin, Chen Siquan said," I apologise on behalf of my wife Mr Li. If she had known that he was your child, she would have never done this."

" Whether it is Li Quin's son or not that is secondary. Your wife has no right to scold my guest like this in front of everyone and cause a ruckus in my wife's party." This time Li Singtan was the one who shouted from behind.

Li Singtan came forward along with Xie Ming and stood beside Li Quin.

" I apologise." Chen Siquan said in a very unapologetic manner.

Xie Ming smirked and said," Your apology doesn't feel like an apology."

Chen Siquan looked at Xie Ming with threatening eyes.

Xie Ming smiled and said," What? Did I say something wrong?" Placing her hand on Li Singtans chest, she said," Honey did I say something wrong."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," Of course not."

" See Even he feels that your Sorry was not sincere enough." Xie Ming said.

Chen Siquan could not help but grit his teeth.

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and said," Since you weren't the one who did it, how can we expect a sincere apology from you?" Pointing towards Xie Yurin, she continued," It should be Mrs Chen who should be apologising."

Xie Yurin's mouth twitched in annoyance. Xie Yurin tried to control her anger and said," I am very sorry for whatever I did. I was wrong."

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Ehh what's the point apologising us when we weren't the one whom you insulted?"

Xie Yurin face shank when she heard this.

" It is Ben whom you should apologise sincerely. So what if he is a small kid. Kids also have feelings. They are much more sensitive than adults. Nobody has ever raised their voice in front of him. He is our darling and the Li family treasures him a lot. You actually raised your voice and even dared to call him disobedient in front of everyone. You also said that we did not raise him well. You also-" Before Xie Ming could finish talking, Xie Yurin shouted," Stop your nonsense."

Xie Ming shook her head and said," Tsk-tsk I am just repeating what you said." Again Placing her hand on Li Singtans chest, she said," Honey did I say anything wrong?"

Li Singtan shook his head like a lovestuck fool. Every time Xie Ming placed her hand on his chest his heart skipped a beat and every time she called him 'HONEY', Li Singtan nearly fainted.