" This feels so good." Xie Ming murmured.

Li Singtan closed his eyes and said," I know."

" Mr Li I-I want to tell you something." Xie Ming said.

Without waiting for his reply, Xie Ming lifted her head. Looking straight into his eyes, she said," I think we should- I think we should give our relationship a chance." Pausing for a while, she continued," I also think that I have started developing feelings for you. Like I know that it's too early but I-I don't know how, when and where but my feelings for you are getting stronger day by day. Oh my God I don't know what you might be thinking about me. Few days ago I was about to marry someone else and now here I am confessing my feeling to you."

Li Singtan smiled at her. Cupping her cheeks with his big hands, he said," I love you Ming. How, when and where, I cannot tell you now. But you are the only woman who has been in my heart and you'll always be the only one."

Xie Ming smiled and again rested her head in his chest.

Li Singtan intertwined their hand and said," Let's take things slow. Whatever has to happen will eventually happen. We don't have to stress over this Okay?"

Xie Ming nodded her head.


Mother and father Li were quietly observing their kids.

" Everything seems so good. I am happy for our son." Mother Li said.

Father Li smiled and said," You have raised our kids well."

Mother Li giggled and said," Your son is more romantic than you Mr Li."

Father Li frowned and said," Don't you know better that I am romantic or not?"

Mother Li blushed and said," I want everyone stay happy like this."

Father Li wrapped his hand around mother Li's waist and said," You have guided your eldest son well now it's Li Quin's turn."

Mother Li smiled and said," It would be wonderful if Rose becomes our daughter-in-law too."

Father Li nodded in agreement," Things are a bit complicated between them but I trust my genes. Quin will surely make Rose our daughter-in-law."


Xie Yurins mood worsened when she saw Li Singtan and Xie Ming romantically dancing. The couple looked fabulous together.

Just as she was about to turn around, Ben who was running about holding an orange juice in his hand, bumped into her spilling everything on her dress.

Xie Yurin gasped in surprise. Her mood was already off and now her dress was ruined.

Ben lowered his head and said apologetically," I am sorry Aunti."

Xie Yurin roughly caught Bens arm and shouted," You shameless creature. Don't you how to walk? You did this on purpose didn't you? Disobedient child. Where is your guardian?"

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Nobody had ever shouted on Ben like this. Whether it was the Li family or Rose everybody dotted on him. Specially Li Singtan and Li Quin. Ben started shivering out of fright.

The music stopped and everyone stopped dancing and chatting when they heard someone shouting.

When the Li family saw Xie Yurin shouting at Ben like a mad dog, their expression turned cold.

Father Li was about to go and handle the situation, when he heard Li Quin say," What's going on?"

Xie Yurin turned around. When she saw Li Quin walking towards her, she roughly pushed Ben and turned around.

Li Quin eyes narrowed when he saw a frightened look on Bens face.

Xie Yurin quickly composed herself and said," I apologise Mr Li. This dumb boy purposely bumped into me and ruined my dress. You don't have to take the trouble. I'll go look for his parents and give them a nice scolding for not raising their child well." Pointing towards Ben, she said," These type of kids need a good beating in order to teach them something."

Li Quin narrowed his eyes and shouted," You dare to beat my son. Touch him and you'll regret your existence in this world."