Xie Yufan was a bit surprised but he decided not to say anything.

Sitting on another chair next to the girl, Yufan took a glass of wine from a waiter.

Xie Yufan could not help but absorb the girl sitting next to him. When he saw her struggling with the gown like as if she was caught in net, Xie Yufan laughed.

The girl puffed her cheeks and said," What are you laughing at? Wear a gown once and then you will understand how difficult it is."

Xie Yufan cleared his throat and said," If you are not comfortable wearing these, then you should wear something that you like. Comfort is important than fashion."

The girl smiled and said," Why don't you go and tell this to my mother? She is the one who forced me to wear this. Even my brother took her side."

" Your Mother wants you to look good." Xie Yufan said.

The girl sighed and said," I guess you are right. She wants me to find a potential man for me among all these fools who are parents her."

Xie Yufan frowned and said," Not all men, who are present at the party are fools."

The girl giggled and said," Yes Yes you are exception."

Xie Yufan laughed and said," My name is Xie Yufan."

The girl smiled and said," Yang Ling."

Xie Yufan smiled and said," It's a pleasure to meet you Ms Ling."


Li Singtan and Xie Ming were busy greeting there guest.

" Boss Lady Boss." Han Zihao greeted them.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Ahh Mr assistant you are here."

Han Zihao smiled. Placing his hand on his wife's shoulder who was standing beside him, he said," Lady Boss this is my wife."

Xie Ming blinked twice and said," You got married again?"

Han Zihao almost coughed blood when he heard that. He quickly shot a glance at his wife and when he saw her expression, Han Zihao gulped in fear," Ehh hahah Lady Boss What are you saying?"

Xie Ming placed her hand on her waist and said," You should have atleast waited for a month before getting married again."

Han Zihao looked at his boss with pitiful eyes pleading him for help but Li Singtan did not bat an eye.

" Ahh hahah Congratulations once again. We will leave now." After saying this, Han Zihao quickly escorted his wife far way from the couple.

Xie Ming frowned and said," His wife died few days ago right? How can he get married so fast? Did he not love his wife? All men are like this."

Li Singtan cleared his throat and said," Exactly I did not expect Han Zihao to be so heartless."

Xie Ming nodded head and said," If I die, you atleast have to wait for a year before you marry someone else again. Otherwise I am going to haunt you."

Li Singtans eyes darkened and he said,"Stop talking nonsense."

" What? This is something that can happen." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan frowned and said," I won't let anyone take you away from me." Pausing for a while, he continued," No even death."

Xie Ming smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck and said," So Mr Li Singtan can also fight with death?"

Rubbing her cheeks with his thumb, Li Singtan said," I can fight with anyone just to keep you by my side."


When Chen Siquan saw Xie Ming standing so close with Li Singtan, he felt very weird and felt a bit strange in his heart.

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When Xie Yurin saw Chen Siquan staring at Xie Ming, she frowned and said," Why are you staring at? Do you regret getting married to me?"

Chen Siquan furrowed his brows and said," Don't talk nonsense Yurin."

Xie Yurin did not say anything and walked away.


" Will you dance with me Mrs Li?." Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," But let me warn I am not a good dancer."

Li Singtan held her hand and said," As if I am a professional."

Xie Ming giggled and followed him.


When Li Singtan and Xie Ming reached the dance floor, soft music started playing encouraging every couple present to join them.

Yang Yutang also held An Yixi's hand and led her to the dance floor.

When Li Quin saw everyone happily dancing with their partners, he shot a glance at Rose who was standing beside him.

Hesitating for a while, Li Quin took a deep breath and asked," Would you like to dance?"

Rose nodded her head and placed her hand on Li Quins hand.

Li Quin smiled cheekily and led her towards the dance floor.

Xie Ming smiled when she saw Li Quin and Rose dancing together.

" They look so good together." Xie Ming said.

" We look great together." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming giggled. Resting her head on his chest, she slowly followed his movements. She had never felt this peaceful in her entire life. Even when she was with Chen Siquan she had never felt like this.