Xie Ming smiled and said," Whatever happened was not your fault uncle Chen. You don't have to feel guilty. Yes I was sad but look at me now don't I look happy."

Uncle Chen patted her head and said," Seeing you smile like this makes me feel a lot more better."

Li Singtan came forward and greeted father Xie.

Holding Li Singtans arm, Xie Ming said," Uncle Chen this is my husband." Turning towards Li Singtan, she said," This is Uncle Chen."

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," It's nice to meet you Mr Chen."

Uncle Chen smiled and said," You did don't have to be so formal boy. Ming is like my daughter so even you can address me like she does."

Li Singtan smiled and said," It's nice to meet Uncle Chen then."

" Big sister you forgot about me." Yufan said.

Xie Ming stuck her tongue out and said," How can I forget my cute little brother." Hugging Xie Yufan, she said," You are looking very handsome today."

Xie Yufan cheekily smiled and said," And you are looking very beautiful today."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows and said," What do you mean by today? You mean that I don't look beautiful other days apart from today."

Xie Yufan stick his toungue out and chuckled.

Father Xie and Uncle Chen looked at each other and shared a satisfactory smile while Li Singtan was busy staring at his wife.


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Xie Yurin and Chen Siquan were fuming in anger after witnessing the happy moments of the family.

Xie Yurin face turned pale when she released that her father had actually decided to kick her out of the family. During the wedding when father Xid told her that he refuses to acknowledge her as his daughter, she thought he was spouting nonsense because he was angry. But after hearing everything that he told the reporters in front of everyone, Xie Yurin felt very hurt. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Chen Siquan wiped away her tears and said," Dont cry. You still have me."

Xie Yurin did not say anything. Looking at Li Singtan who was staring at Xie Ming as if she was the only woman in the world, Xie Yurin could not help but compare the great Li Singtan to her husband. Obviously Chen Siquan was not even near to what Li Singtan was. Though Chen Siquan was also good looking but his good looks were nothing in front of Li Singtans handsome face and personality.

After trying so much. After doing everything that she could to bring Xie Ming down, Xie Yurin still felt that Xie Ming was the one who had gained from all this.

Chen Siquan on the other hand was not feeling any better. After seeing his uncle standing beside father Xie, he felt nervous and angry at the same time. He was sure that after what he done, uncle Chen would surely use all his powers to bring Chen Siquan down and if that happened, he would be doomed.

Uncle Chen did not visit the Chen Mansion even once after he returned to country S. This was enough for Chen Siquan to understand how mad Uncle Chen was.


Xie Yufan narrowed his eyes when he saw the Chen couple staring at them," Big Sis What are they doing here?"

Xie Ming sighed and said," Your brother-in-law invited them. Yufan don't you want to go and meet your sister?"

Xie Yufan frowned and said," Over my dead body." After saying this he stormed towards the other direction.

Li Singtan placed his hand on Xie Ming's shoulder and said," It's okay. He is angry now. Give him sometime."


Xie Yufan was fuming in anger. He hated Xie Yurin and Chen Siquan a lot. So much that he could not even bear to see them. So Yufan decided to find a seat for himself in the farthest corner.

As he was about to sit on a chair, a girl quickly ran past him holding her gown and sat on that chair and said," I hope you don't mind. You can sit on the other chair."