Everything was going well. Xie Ming finally got a wedding ring, Yang Yutang and An Yixi were a couple now, Rose and Li Quin's relationship was also improving and Xie Yurin and Chen Siquan were fuming in anger.

As everyone was enjoying the party, the hall door opened once again and Three men dressed in designer suit entered the hall.

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The reporters who were enjoying the party again surrounded the three of them.

Reporter 1: Mr Xie, your eldest daughter Xie Ming got married to one of the greatest and richest man in the country. Are you happy?

Father Xie smiled and said," I feel very proud and happy. My daughter married someone who genuinely cares for her and Li Singtan really treats her well."

Reporter 2: Your youngest daughter got married to Mr Chen Siquan. Are you happy?

Father Xie raised his eyebrows and said," Which daughter are you talking about?"

The reporters were confused after hearing father Xie's reply.

Reporter 2: Ehh Mr Xie Your youngest daughter Xie Yurin.

" I just remember having two kids." Pointing towards Xie Ming who was standing beside Li Singtan, Father Xie said," The one standing with my son-in-law, my daughter Xie Ming and" Placing his hand on Xie Yufans shoulder, he continued," The one standing beside me, my son Xie Yufan. I don't remember having any other child other than these two."

Reporters: ._.

Father Xie refused to acknowledge Xie Yurin as his daughter in front of everyone. This is enough for everyone to understand that Father Xie was not happy with Xie Yurin getting married with Chen Siquan. But why? Everyone was curious to know what had exactly happened.

Reporter 3: *ahem* that means Mr Xie doesn't like Mr Chen Siquan?

Father Xie smirked and said," I indeed don't like many things and Chen Siquan is one of them." Father Xie clearly expressed his hatred for Chen Siquan.

Reporter 3: But isn't your friend who is standing beside you Also from the Chen family?

Uncle Chen frowned and said," So? Is there a rule that since I am from the Chen family, Chuang cannot hate Chen Siquan?"


Father Xie chuckled and said," Now please excuse us. I have to greet my in-laws."

After saying this the trio walked inside.


" Father." Xie Ming rushed towards him and gave him a hug. Turning towards Uncle Chen, she hugged him tight and said," Uncle Chen."

Uncle Chen wrapped his hands around Xie Ming and patted her head lightly and said," Child please forgive uncle."

Xie Ming smiled at him and said," It wasn't your fault uncle so you don't have to apologise."

Uncle Chen sighed and said," Your father told me everything that happened. I know I should have been there but-"

When they were on their way to the banquet, Father Xie told Uncle Chen everything that had happened including Xie Ming getting married to Li Singtan. Uncle Chen was shocked when he heard that Xie Ming had married Li Singtan. He had heard many things about Li Singtan, so he was worried about Xie Ming. But when Father Xie told him that Li Singtan treated Xie Ming really very well, uncle Chen felt a bit relieved.