Xie Yurin could not believe anything that was happening. She had never expected Xie Ming to be Li Singtans wife. She had said so many things to Xie Ming yesterday at the cafe. She had even called her a mistress. She was also showing off her wedding ring in front of her and the worst part she had even clicked several pictures of the banquet and sent it Xie Ming saying that she would send more when the bride arrived. Everything was so embarrassing. Xie Yurin felt ashamed of herself.

Standing on the stage, Xie Ming's lips curled upwards. Leaning towards Li Singtan, she said," Mr Li care to play along?"

Li Singtan smiled and said," Whatever my wife says goes."

Xie Ming quickly activated her acting mode and rushed towards Xie Yurin and said," Yurin are you okay my beloved sister."

Xie Yurin curled up her hands into a fist to control her anger. She did not say anything and stood there quietly staring at her.

Xie Ming shook her shoulders and said," Yurin what happened did you get hurt?" Turning towards Chen Siquan, she said," Brother-in-law."

Chen Siquan furrowed his brows when he heard Xie Ming address him as her ' Brother-in-law'. The woman who was deeply and madly in love with him frw days ago was now the wife of one of the most powerful man of the country.

An Yixi rolled her eyes at Xie Ming.

Yang Yutang on the other hand was very surprised," What is wrong with Ming? What is she showing so much concern for her sister?"

" She is acting. Get me chair I think this is going to be long." An Yixi said.

Yang Yutang did not say anything and quietly pulled a chair for his girlfriend.


Unable to control her anger, tears started flowing down Xie Yurins cheeks.

Xie Ming wiped her tears away and said," I know that you are happy for me little sister but you don't have to cry. You are ruining your makeup."

Xie Ming then hugged Yurin and whispered," Surprise."

Walking towards Xie Ming, Li Singtan said," Let Mr Chen take care of his wife."

Giving Chen Siquan a glare, Li Singtan escorted Xie Ming to the stage once again.

Li Singtan was actually enjoying Xie Ming's acting and wanted her to continue with it. But when he saw Chen Siquan staring at his wife, he could not control himself from going over.


As Xie Ming stepped on the stage, the lights suddenly became dim.

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes. She was about to call out for Li Singtan, when a bright light suddenly fell upon her.

She then saw Li Singtan standing in front of her holding a ring in his hand.

Taking to steps towards her, Li Singtan said," This ring is nothing in comparison to the love that I have in my heart for you. I promise to always love you. I promise to keep you safe. I promise to never leave your side. Whenever you need me, I'll be there to comfort you. You are and will always be the only woman in heart." After saying this Li Singtan placed the ring on Xie Ming's and kissed it.

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Xie Ming smiled and said," Even I have one for you."

Rose passed Xie Ming the ring box. Taking the ring out of the box, Xie Ming said," I consider myself very lucky because I found you. I promise that I'll always stay by your side and you'll be the only man inside my heart." After saying this Xie Ming placed the ring on Li Singtans finger.

Li Singtan never expected that she would get a ring for him. He was indeed very surprised. Though her speech did not contain words like ' love' in it, he knew that whatever she said, she really meant it. He knew that he could not rush thing with her because she had been through so many things. But still he was happy with the progress of their relationship. It was much more faster than he had expected it to be.

Everyone cheered and clapped for the couple. Everyone in the hall felt extremely moved and touched by the couple. Everyone who saw the scene in front of them could say that they were deeply in love with each other.

Xie Yurin on the other hand was fuming in anger. She had done so many things just to get her revenge from Xie Ming but in the end what happened? Xie Ming was the happiest amongst the two them. Suddenly her getting married to Chen Siquan seemed useless.