Hugging him tightly, Yumi smiled. \"Thanks Dad, you are awesome.\"

\"Well, that is true. You people are lucky to have such an awesome dad. I mean just look at me. I am like the coolest dad in the whole universe.\" Singtan kept on bragging himself.

Yumi chuckled and helplessly shook her head. \"Mom is right.\"

\"Right about what?\" Singtan asked.

\"That her husband is the most shameless man in the whole world.\" Yumi said.

Singtan chuckled and pinched Yumi's cheeks. \"When are you leaving for your shoot tomorrow?\"

\"Tomorrow morning but I'll be back by evening.\" Snuggling closer, Yumi closed her eyes.

\"Do you really love him a lot?\" Singtan asked.

Yumi opened her eyes and asked, \"What happened dad?\"

\"Nothing, I am just asking. So do you really love him?\" Singtan asked.

When Yumi slowly nodded her head, Singtan smiled, \"Hmmm do you remember when you were small and you wanted this very rare kind of Barbie doll but no matter how hard your uncle Zihao looked for it, he couldn't find it?\"

Yumi chuckled and nodded her head. \"Yes, that doll was very beautiful.\"

\"And remember how dad got it for you anyway?\" Singtan asked.

When Yumi nodded her head, Singtan added, \"So you just have to say 'Dad I want Zixin here' and your dad will get him here right in front of you.\"

Yumi chuckled and helplessly shook her head, \"Dada you sound like those gangsters and psycho kidnappers.\"

\"What? So what if your dad is a bit old now, that doesn't mean he isn't powerful now. Your dad is as powerful as he was before. So you can count on me.\" Singtan said.

Yumi smiled and nodded her head, \"I'll keep that in mind.\"

The father and daughter pair kept on talking to each other until Yumi fell asleep in his arms.

Not wanting to wake her up, Singtan took out his phone from his pocket and called Zian. \"Come to the garden.\"

After sometime, Zian arrived and asked, \"What happened dad? What are you doing here so late? Did mom throw you out?\"

Singtan frowned and murmured, \"Lower your voice, she just fell asleep.\"

Zian nodded his head and asked, \"What happened?\"

Singtan shook his head and said, \"Nothing happened, I just want you to carefully pick her up and place her on the bed, without waking her up.\"

Zian frowned and murmured, \"Seriously dad, you can pick mom up but not her? It's not lilt you can't?\"

\"I am used to picking up your mom so I don't feel her weight. And what is the use of giving birth to you when you can't even carefully place my daughter on her bed?\" Singtan hissed.

Zian sighed and helplessly shook his head. He was again getting bullied by the father and daughter pair.

Scooping Yumi into his arms, Zian started walking out of the garden.

\"Careful, don't wake her up.\" Singtan warmed his son.

Taking baby steps, Zian made his way towards Yumi's room.


Yumi's room.

After placing her on the bed, Zian was about to leave when Singtan stopped him. \"Go wait for me outside.\"

Zian nodded his head and left.

After tucking Yumi into the blanket, Singtan kissed her forehead and dimmed the lights before leaving.



\"What happened dad?\" Zian asked.

\"What is going on between you and Mian? Why haven't you proposed to her yet? Why are you still single?\" Singtan frowned and started firing his questions at his son.

\"Dad that-\"

Cutting him off, Singtan sighed, \"Listen to me son. You are being stupid here unlike Yumi. The woman whom you love also loves you back. So what are you waiting for? Waiting for someone else to butt in and take her away? Don't come crying to me if that happens.\"

Zian opened his mouth but no words came out. He was dumbstruck.

\"You know what your uncle Mike and Uncle Yutang say? They say that my son is coward and stupid just like me. I want you to prove them wrong. I want you to propose to Mian and make her your wife as soon as possible. Your mom wants a grandchild so work on that as well. Is that clear?\" Singtan asked.

Zian vigorously nodded his head. \"Yes dad.\"

\"Hmm good, go back to sleep now and don't make your mom worried. You're such a big man but yet you are so careless.\" Singtan nagged Zian.

Patting his son's shoulder, Singtan sighed. \"Don't repeat the mistake that I made. You know how I almost lost your mom right? So be a man and claim your woman.\"

Zian smiled and nodded his head. \"I got it dad.\"

\"Good, that's like my brave son. If you need any help, you can count on your dad okay?\" Singtan smiled and patted Zian's back.

\"Thank dad.\"

\"Alright, now go and sleep.\"

Zian nodded his head and left.

After Zian left, Singtan took out his phone and called someone.

\"Hello, Mr Mo.\"


Singtan's room.

Tip-toeing into the room, Singtan slowly snuggled beside his wife and wrapped his arms and legs around her.

\"Finished imparting knowledge to your daughter?\" Ming asked.

Pulling her closer, Singtan smiled. \"Hmm, just tucked her inside the blanket.\"

\"Singtan, she is going to be okay right?\" Ming asked.

\"Of course, she is our daughter Ming. She is brave and strong, she will pass all of this soon.\" Singtan assured Ming and kissed her shoulder. \"Don't worry about anything. They are not small anymore and can handle their problems.\"

\"Did you talk to Zian too?\" Ming asked.


Turning towards him, Ming cupped his face and chuckled. \"So Mr Wise Li, why don't you talk to your nephew as well? Knock some sense into his brain so that he finally decides to settle down. Rose is really worried about Ben.\"

\"Ben is a calm and clever boy, I am sure he knows what he is doing.\" Singtan said.

\"But still, we cannot just let him be. Quin said he is not good with words and he did talk to Ben but couldn't get anything out of him.\" Ming explained.