Inside the hotel room.

" Sister-in-law you look stunning." Rose said.

" Mr Li is going to faint today." Yixi said.

Xie Ming giggled and said," Yutang is also going to faint today."

An Yixi waved her hand and said," Ahh stop talking shit."

Bending towards Rose, Xie Ming said," Quin will be very happy when he will see you in this dress. You look beautiful."

Rose gave her a weak smile.

* knock knock*

" Come in." Xie Ming said.

Yang Yutang and Li Quin entered the room.

" Quin I think we entered the wrong room." Yang Yutang said.

Li Quin did not say anything and kept on staring at Rose. She was wearing the dress that he had given her yesterday. That means she really likes him right?

Yang Yutang punched, Quin in his arm and said," Dude I asked you something?"

Coming back to his senses, Li Quin said," Ehh ya what was it?"

" I am saying did we enter the wrong room." Yang Yutang said.

Li Quin scratched his head and said," Ya I guess."

Pointing towards the trio, Yutang said," Just look at them. Do you think they are the same people that we had left few hours ago."

An Yixi rolled her eyes and said," Stop talking shit."

Walking towards An Yixi, Yang Yutang said," You look beautiful." Extending his hands towards her, he said," Shall we?"

Placing her hand on his, An Yixi turned towards Xie Ming and Rose," I'll see you guys downstairs."

After they left, Li Quin asked," Can I escort you and Ben inside the hall tonight?"

Rose hesitated for a while.

Li Quin noticed her complex expression and said," It's okay if you don't want me to. I'll leave then."

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As Li Quin was about to leave , Rose said," Wait Quin. You can."

Li Quin cheekily smiled and extended his hand forward.

Rose looked at Xie Ming and said," Sister-in-law I'll also see you downstairs."

Xie Ming smiled and nodded her head.

Li Quin on the other hand looked like a child who had got his favourite lollipop.

Xie Ming then took her phone out as she wanted to call Li Singtan.

When she saw another message from Xie Yurin she smiled and opened it.

Her sister had sent her the photos of her own Banquet party. " Silly girl." she said.

She was about to call Li Singtan when someone knocked at the door.

" Come in." She said.

The door opened and Li Singtan entered the room holding a small bag.

He froze when he saw Xie Ming. She was looking very beautiful. The gown looked perfect on her. The light makeup on her face enhanced her beauty. Her hair was tied up into a neat bun.

Xie Ming smiled at Li Singtan and said," Sto drooling Mr Li."

Li Singtan smiled and walked towards her," You look very beautiful. I don't want to take you downstairs. I don't want anyone else to see you like this."

Xie Ming took the bag from his hand and took out the tie which she had bought for him few days ago.

Lifting up his collor, Xie Ming helped him put on the tie.

" Let's go Everyone is waiting for us specially you." Li Singtan said


Banquet hall.

Yang Yutangs and An Yixi's entry shocked everyone. The couple had hooked their arms together and were walking inside the hall in a very garnd mannner.

The reporters quickly surrounded them.

Reporter 1: Mr Yang are you and Ms An dating?

Yang Yutang smiled and said," Well she has not given me an answer yet. As soon as she does, I'll let you guys know."

Reporter 2: Ms An why haven't you answered Mr Yang yet?

An Yixi chuckled and said," Well you can tell Mr Yang that it is Yes from my side."

Yang Yutang cheekily smiled and said," The answer to your first question: yes we are dating."

Reporter 3: Congratulations Mr Yang Ms An. I guess one more eligible bachelor is going to out from the list soon.

" You can consider it out already." After saying this Yang Yutang placed his hand on Yixi's waist and escorted her inside.


" So he is just your friend." Father An said.

An Yixi quickly slapped Yang Yutangs hand from her waist and said," Father I."

" What are you being shy now? You weren't shy just now in front of the reporters." Father An said.

An Yixi lowered her head.

Father An laughed and said," Look at you. I did not know that my daughter knows how to feel shy."

" It's a pleasure to meet you Mr An." Yang Yutang said.

Father An patted his shoulder and said," Young man come to my office tomorrow sharp at 2pm. Let's have a cup of coffee together."

After saying this Father An walked away.

" Okay. Tomorrow is going to be tough." Yang Yutang said.

" Chill nothing will happen my dad is quiet cool." An Yixi said.