7pm, Banquet Venue.

Different kind of luxurious car started entering the hotel. Almost every influential person of country S was invited for the banquet. All the employees of Li Corporation were also invited. The Reporters had crowded the entrance of the hotel. Only reporters of trusted news companies were allowed to enter the hall.

By the time it was 7:30 the banquet hall was full of people.

When Chen Siquan and Xie Yurin entered the hall hand in hand, people started murmuring and whispering among themselves. The reporters on the other hand started snapping photos and asking question to them.

Reporting 1: Mr Chen What is the relationship between you and Ms Xie?"

Chen Siquan smiled and said," She is my wife."

Reporter 2: So the news about you and Ms Xie Ming dating was fake?

" Yes off course. We were never dating."

Reporter 3: Ms Xie is your father, Mr Xie happy with your sudden marriage with Mr Chen?

Xie Yurin smiled and said," yes off course. Dad is really very happy."

Chen Siquan wrapped his hands around Xie Yurin waist and started greeting some influential people.


After sometime Mother Li and Father Li entered the hall.

The reporters quickly surrrounded them and started firing their questions.

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Reporter 1: Mr Li people are saying that your daughter-in-law is a commoner. Is it true?

Mr Li laughed and said," You will know soon whether she is a commoner or not. And even if she is, I don't really mind."

Reporter 2: The sudden marriage of the worlds most eligible bachelor has shocked everyone in country. What are your thoughts about this Mrs Li?

Mrs Li smiled and said," Since Li Singtan is no more a bachelor, there is no point answering this question."

Reporter 3: Mrs Li Do you like your daughter-in-law?

" I love her. She is our little sweet heart. I acknowledge her as my daughter not daughter-in-law." Mother Li said.

" Okay now we have greet our guest. Please enjoy the party." Father Li said and walked away with mother Li.

Soon Garndpa Li And Grandma Li entered the hall. Grandma Li was wearing a dark blue gown and was looking extremely young and beautiful.

Reporter 1: Mrs Li you look beautiful.

Grandma Li giggled while garndpa Li frowned and said," Are you trying to flirt with my wife in front me boy?"

The reporter ears turned red and he stepped backwards.

Reporter 2: Mr Li your grandson got married in such a manner, what are your opinions about it?

" I don't really mind. Young people these days don't want to follow rituals and it's totally acceptable. Everything should change with time. So I am happy untill and unless they are happy." Grandpa Li said.

Reporter 3: Mrs Li, What are your opinions about your granddaughter-in-law?

Grandma Li smiled and said," Everyone in the Li family loves her. She is a really sweet girl, a perfect match for our Singtan."

" Now you young brats move away, let me take my wife inside before you all start flirting with her again." Grandpa Li said.


Xie Yurin who was observing everything from one corner realised that the Li family really dotted on Li Singtans wife a lot.

Taking out her phone from her purse, she started clicking photos of the hall.

Sending the photos to Xie Ming, with a small caption which said-" I will send you some more photos when the bride arrives" she placed her phone back inside her purse.