At the Banquet Venue.

" Boss I have made all the arrangements." Han Zihao said.

Li Singtan nodded his head," Collect your room keys from the reception and take some rest."

Han Zihao nodded his head and left.

The banquet was being held in a five-star hotel which was owned by the Li Corporation. It took almost one hour to reach there from the Li Mansion.

Taking out his phone from his pocket, Li Singtan called his wife.

" Hey." Xie Ming said.

" What are you doing?" Li Singtan asked.

" We were just talking." Xie Ming said.

" I will send the car very soon for all of you. Just get your dress and my suit along with you. The makeup artist and hair stylist are already here." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Okay."

" I have booked hotel rooms for everyone. So ask everyone to get their dress and come over." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Okay then Mr Li. I'll see you at the banquet."

Li Singtan smiled and said," Take care of yourself. Bye."


Meanwhile at the Chen Mansion, Chen Siquan was sitting impatiently in the living room waiting for his uncle.

Early in the morning when he heard that uncle Chen was coming back to country S today, he was scared to death. If uncle Chen decided use his power and throw him out of the company, Chen Siquan would be doomed.

Xie Yurin placed her hand on his shoulder and said," You look very stressed today."

Chen Siquan turned towards his wife and said," I am just worried about Uncle Chen."

Xie Yurin smiled at him and said," Dont worry about it we will manage eveything together." Giving Chen Siquan a quick peck on his lips, she said," Now go and try the suit that I bought for you. You have to wear it tonight at the banquet."

Chen Siquan nodded his head and went upstairs.

After Chen Siquan left, Xie Yurin took out her phone and called Xie Ming.

Xie Yurin furrowed her brows when the call did not get through. Xie Ming phone was busy. She tried calling her once again but it was till busy.

She then decided to message her.

After sending the message, Xie Yurin smiled and went upstairs.


After hanging up Li Singtans call, Xie Ming laughed heartily when she read her sisters message.

It said- " Elder sister since you did not receive an invitation, you cannot attend the banquet. If you want, I can take you to the banquet with me. I know you want to see who Li Singtans wife. So tell me if you want to go there."

Xie Ming sighed. Why was her own sister being a b****? Keeping her phone on the table, she walked out of the room.


At 3 pm, the car arrived at the Li Mansion.

" Keep all of this inside the car." Mother Li instructed the workers.

Xie Ming handed the gown and suit to one of the maid and said," Please keep it properly inside the car."

The maid nodded her head. Taking the clothes from Xie Ming's hand, she left.

" Rose, Yixi and Ming let's go. We are getting late." Grandma Li shouted.

" I'll go call them grandma." Ben said as he rushed upstairs.

" Beautiful Aunti, Mom Grandma is calling you all downstairs." Knocking at the door, Ben shouted.

Yixi opened the door and as she saw the cute little guy standing in front, she lifted him up in her arms and said," Hey handsome guy."

Ben poked Yixi's cheeks and said," Another beautiful aunty."

An Yixi shook her head and said," Hey don't call me Aunti. Call me sister okay."

Ben giggled and nodded his head.


It was almost 4:30 when they arrived at the hotel.

Li Singtan, Yang Yutang and Li Quin were waiting for them at the entrance.

Li Singtan opened the car door for his wife and helped her get down for the car.

Kissing her on her forehead, he said," I was waiting for you since a really long time."

Xie Ming smiled and said," We got stuck in traffic."

" Oh God. There are many single people around you. Please show us some mercy." An Yixi said as she got down from the car.

Yang Yutang raised his eyebrows at Yixi's comment. Walking towards her, he said," You have to answer me today."

An Yixi coughed twice and said," I have to get ready for the banquet."

" Me too." Xie Ming said.

" I'll take you to the room." Li Singtan said.

Turning towards Li Quin, Li Singtan said," Bring Rose to Xie Ming's room."

Li Quin nodded his head.

" I'll bring Yixi." Yang Yutang said.

Li Singtan did not say anything and left along with his wife.

Yang Yutang turned towards An Yixi and said," Come lets go."

" Beautiful sister uncle Yutang, I'll go with you both." Ben shouted.

Yang Yutang smiled at the sight of the little boy. Lifting him up, he said," Hey champ. I did not even see you earlier."

Ben smiled and said," uncle Yutang was only seeing beautiful sister that's why he did not see me."

" Hey why are you calling me uncle and her sister?" Yang Yutang asked.

Ben giggled and said," Because beautiful sister is young and uncle yutang is old."

An Yixi burst into laughter.

Yang Yutang frowned and said," I am not old."

" Ahhh I love you Ben." An Yixi said.

Walking towards Rose, Li Quin said," Come I'll take you upstairs."

Rose nodded her head and followed him.

Mother Li and grandma Li who had witnessed everything were smiling at each other.

" Mother the kids look so good and happy together." Mother Li said.

Grandma Li nodded head and said," Meili, everything looks so good and peaceful that it has started worrying me."

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" I feel the same mother." Mother Li added.

The Li family had never been so peaceful and complete. Eveything was too good to be true. But little did mother Li and grandma Li realise that their fear would become a reality very soon.