The trio heading towards the shopping mall. Without wasting anytime, they quickly bought a ring for Li Singtan.

" I want to use the ladies room." An Yixi said.

"Same." Rose said.

" Let's go together then." Xie Ming added.


Outside the ladies room.

As the three of them came out of the washroom, they bumped into a familiar figure.

" We meet once again Mrs Li." The man said.

When Xie Ming saw who the man was, she could not help but smile at him and said," Seriously Mr Simon is there a connection between you, me and the ladies room?"

" Sister-in-law, you know him?" Rose asked.

" Ahh Ms Rose it's a pleasure to meet you too." Simon said.

Rose stared at Simon. Her gut feeling told her that this man was dangerous.

" Ming we should leave now." An Yixi said.

" What's the rush? There is lots and lots of time left for the banquet." Pausing for a while Simon continued," I am a little disappointed though. Mr and Mrs Li did not even care to send me an invitation but don't worry whenever I organise something, Mrs Li will be the first one to be invited."

Xie Ming smiled and said," My instincts say that your intentions are not good Mr Simon?"

Simon laughed and said," Your instinct is quiet strong Mrs Li."

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes and said," I don't know what your intentions but if you have any intention to hurt my husband then take that thing out of your mind. I will never let you hurt him no matter what happens."

Simon chuckled and said," Does Mr Li knows that his wife loves him this much?"

" Whether he knows it or not is none of your concern." After saying this Xie Ming turned around and left along with Yixi and Rose.

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"Who was he?" Yixi asked.

Xie Ming shook her head and said," I don't know."

Rose placed her hand on Xie Ming's shoulder and asked," Did you tell brother about him?"

Xie Ming smiled and said," Yes I did."

" Okay so If Mr Li knows about this, we don't have to worry. Let's head back fast it's almost 2 in the afternoon." Yixi said.


Meanwhile Chen Seini has just returned back to country S from his business trip and was standing in front of the Xie Mansion.

When Uncle Chen heard about the incident, he quickly finished his work and rushed back to country S as soon as possible.

Though he was the biggest share holder of Chen Enterprise, he never showed any keen interest in it. Every now and then he attended the board meetings as the biggest share holder.

When he arrived at the airport of country S, uncle Chen quickly rushed towards the Xie Mansion in order to meet and apologise his best friend, father Xie but after he arrived at the mansion, he did not have the guts to face his friend. If not for uncle Chen's idea to match Xie Ming with his nephew Chen Siquan, nothing would've happened.

" Mr Chen I have Informed Mr Xie about your arrival, he is waiting for you inside." a guard told uncle Chen.

Uncle Chen sighed and entered the mansion.


Inside the mansion.

When Uncle Chen entered the mansion, Father Xie rushed towards him with a bright smile on his face and said," Seini." Giving him a hug, Father Xie continued," You finally got some time to visit your old friend."

Uncle Chen was caught off guard. He had expected Father Xie to be angry with him but when he saw a bright smile on his face, uncle Chen felt guilty.

" Hey what happened?" Father Xie asked.

Uncle Chen lowered her head and said," Chuang I -"

Father Xie sighed and said," I know what you are thinking. I never blamed you for whatever happened and I never will. It is not your fault. Who knew Chen Siquan and Yurin would do something like this. You love Ming with all your heart and I know that. You have always treated my children as your own. So you would never do anything that would hurt her. And besides everything happens, happens for good."

Uncle Chen narrowed her eyes and said," What do you mean by good? Nothing is good. Xie Ming is suffering from a heart break because of me."

Father Xie laughed and said," Who said that Xie Ming is suffering? She had found herself a very capable and loving man."

Uncle Chen widened his eyes in shock and asked," What do you mean?"

" Accompany me for a party tonight. I'll tell you everything after we reach there." Father Xie said. Looking at his wrist watch Father Xie said," Ahh look it's almost time. I have to go and get a new suit for myself." Dragging Uncle Chen along with him, he said," You also come with me. We have to buy new clothes for tonight. We have to look good."

Giving Father Xie a confused look, Une Chen said," But Chuang-"

" Don't talk. Just follow me."