" So sister-in-law is the dress okay now." Rose asked Xie Ming who was trying her altered gown again.

" It's perfect." Xie Ming said.

" You are looking very beautiful sister-in-law." Rose said.

Xie Ming smiled at Rose and said," I'll go change then we can sit and chat for a while."

After some time, Xie Ming came out wearing her night clothes. Placing the dress carefully inside the wardrobe, Xie Ming asked Rose," So tell me Rose, do you like Quin?"

Rose widened her eyes in shock and asked," What?"

" I said do you like Quin?"

Rose lowered her head and did not say anything.

Walking towards Rose, Xie Ming sat beside her and said," I think I got my answer." Pausing for a while, Xie Ming said," If you like him why are you holding yourself back?"

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Rose shook her head and said," Quin is a very good person and he deserves better."

Xie Ming sighed and asked," And what makes you feel like that?"

Rose did not say anything.

Xie Ming took a deep breath. Holding her hand, Xie Ming said," I know what is bothering you but what happened back then wasn't your fault. That is the past now. You have a long way to go Rose. You are still very young. There is no point holding yourself back when you like someone." Pausing for a while, Xie Ming continued," Quin really likes you a lot. The way he looks at you is similar to the way your brother looks at me. Quin is willing to wait for you even after you rejected him. Don't let your past affect your future. Think about it okay."

Rose did not say anything and nodded her head," It's late you should take some rest sister-in-law."

Xie Ming smiled and gave Rose a hug.


When Rose came out of Xie Ming's room, she bumped into Li Quin at the entrance.

" I was looking for you." Li Quin said.

" Why?" Rose asked.

Li Quin hesitated for a while and said," Ehhh I bought this for you. If you will like it, wear it for the banquet tomorrow." Handing Rose a bag, Li Quin rushed towards his room.

Rose stared at the bag for a while. After sometime she entered her room.


When Rose entered her room, Li Singtan was coaxing Ben to sleep.

" Brother you can go and rest." Rose said.

Covering Ben properly with a quilt, Li Singtan said," I have asked someone to shift your things here."

Rose smiled and said," Thanks Brother."

Li Singtan patted her head and said," If you want to really thank me then get yourself a partner. Ben needs a father Rose. Whether it is Li Quin or anybody else. Untill and unless he treats you and Ben well, that is all that matters." Pausing for a while Li Singtan said," If it is Li Quin, I'll be very happy but even if It is someone else, I won't mind."

Before leaving the room, Li Singtan said," Earlier Li Quin came looking for you twice. Open his gift fast and go to sleep."

After Li Singtan left the room, Rose sat in the bed and started opening Li Quins gift.

Rose smiled when she saw the light pink colour gown that Li Quin had bought for her.

As she lifted the gown up, a small note fell on the ground.

Picking up the note, when Rose read the content, she couldn't stop her tears.

The note said - " I know you rejected me but I also know that you also like me. I don't want to know what is stopping but I just want to tell you that whether you accept my love or not, you'll be always be the first and last woman in my heart and life. I have told you this several times and I'll keep on saying this that I'll wait for you. Whether it is for a year or 20 years. I'll always wait for you."