Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and asked again," You like Rose don't you?"

Li Quin sighed and asked," Is it that evident?"

Xie Ming giggled and said," It's written all over your face."

Li Quin smiled and said," I wish she could see it."

" You should go and tell her about your feeling." Xie Ming said.

Li Quin let out a soft laugh and said," I already did two years ago but she rejected me."

Xie Ming placed her hand on his shoulder and asked," Did you ask her why?"

Li Quin smiled and said," I didn't. I know she had her reasons. I just told her that I'll always wait for her."

Xie Ming patted his shoulder and said," Dont worry brother-in-law everything will be okay. Just don't give up."

Li Quin did not say anything and nodded his head.


At the venue.

Yang Yutang and An Yixi were getting ready to leave while Xie Yufan had already left.

" Come I'll drive you home." Yutang said.

"It's okay. I'll get a cab," Yixi said.

Yang Yutang tilted his head and asked,"You trust your cab driver more than me?" Pausing for a while, he continued," No no. I am taking you home."

An Yixi helplessly agreed to his proposal.

As they were about to leave, Li Singtan arrived at the venue.

" Wow man you are too early for the party." Yang Yutang said.

Li Singtan ignored Yang Yutang. Turning towards An Yixi, he said," Thanks for your help Yixi."

An Yixi smiled at him and said," You don't have to thank me."

"We have sent an invitation to the An Family as well. Make sure to bring everyone in the banquet." Li Singtan said.

An Yixi nodded her head.

" It's getting late you people should go home. Yang Yutang will drop you."

Turning towards Yang Yutang, Li Singtan said," Mother is very angry with you. Why didn't you tell her that your sister came back? She was really very mad."

Yang Yutang scratched his head and said," I was about to tell her but-"

" Mom and dad visited the Yang mansion today to give the invitation and saw your sister. She told mom that you had asked her not to visit the Li mansion anytime soon." Li Singtan said.

Yang Yutang widened his eyes in shock and said," Hey I never said anything like that."

Li Singtan turned around and started walking towards his car and said," I don't know. You have to talk to your sister about this."

Yang Yutang sighed and said," Let's go."

Yixi nodded her head.


Inside the car

" So you have a sister." An Yixi asked.

Yang Yutang nodded his head and said," Yes I Do have a small sister."

" I would love to meet her." Yixi said.

" She will be coming tomorrow." Yutang said.

After few minutes they arrived outside the An Mansion. Before An Yixi got down, Yang Yutang caught her hand and said," Yixi would you- would you like to become my partner for the banquet tomorrow?"

An Yixi smiled and said," Okay."

Yang Yutang cheekily smiled and said," Then I'll pick you up tomorrow."

An Yixi nodded her head and left.


Inside the An mansion.

As An Yixi entered the mansion, Father An was standing in the entrance.

" Who was that man with you in car just now?" Father An asked.

" A friend." An Yixi said.

Father An smiled at her daughter and asked," Friend or boyfriend?"

" Dad." An Yixi shouted.

Father An raised his hands upwards and said," Okay okay sorry. I won't say anything. But atleast tell your dad who was he."

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An Yixi rolled her eyes and said," He was Yang Yutang. Now don't ask any other question." She then rushed towards her room.

Father An raised his eyebrows and said," Yang Yutang."


Yang Mansion

When Yang Yutang arrived home, Mother Yang was waiting for him in the living room.

" Why aren't you sleeping?" Yang Yutang asked.

" I was waiting for you." Mother Yang said.

Yang Yutang sat beside her and said," It's not good for your health. You should sleep early."

Mother Yang smiled. Ruffling Yutangs hair, she said," You look tired."

Yang Yutang took a deep breath. Laying his head on Mother Yangs lap, he closed his eyes and said," Ya a bit."

" Did you eat anything?" Mother Yang asked.

" No." Yang Yutang said.

" Come lets have dinner." Mother Yang said.

" Let me stay like this for few minutes." Yang Yutang said.


After sometime Mother Yang started serving food for Yang Yutang.

" Brother Yutang." A sweet and shrill voice echoed in the room.

Yang Yutang lifted his head and saw his younger sister, Yang Ling running towards him.

Yang Yutang sighed at the sight of his younger sister," Even you are not sleeping."

Yang Ling giggled and said," I was waiting for you."

Yang Ling was Yang Yutangs half sibling. She was very beautiful and well behaved.

" What did say Mother Li today?" Yang Yutang asked.

Yang Ling coughed twice and said," N-nothing."

Yang Yutang patted her head and asked," What are wearing tomorrow for the banquet?"

Yang Ling caught Yang Yutangs sleeves and said," Yes big brother I wanted to talk to you about this. Mother wants me wear some heavy gown. You know how much I hate them. I don't want to wear them please help me."

Yang Yutang smiled and said," Mother I think Ling should wear a gown for tomorrow."

Yang Ling widened her eyes in shock," But-."

" Enough Ling. Don't argue with your brother now. Go and sleep." Mother Yang said.

Yang Yutang did not say anything. He lowered his head and kept on eating.

Yang Ling puffed her cheeks and stormed upstairs.

After she left, Yang Yutang turned towards mother Yang and said," Mother I think-"

" Stop doting on her Yutang. You pamper her a lot. You are going to spoil your sister like this. She is a socialite. She has to get used to wearing gowns."

Yang Yutang sighed and nodded his head.