When Li Quin entered the store, Rose was standing on chair and fetching for something in the upper self.

Quickly walking towards her, Li Quin said," You shouldn't be doing this. It is dangerous."

Slowly getting down from the chair, Rose said," Umm it's nothing. I am used to doing all of this."

Li Quin nodded his head.

Giving him a weak smile, Rose asked," What are you dong here?"

" I am here to take you and Ben to the Li Mansion." Li Quin said. " Brother asked me to." He added.

Rose nodded her head and said," Oh okay. Just give me few minutes."

Li Quin nodded her head and said," Take your time. I'll wait for you."

Rose lowered her head and said," I-"

" I mean I'll wait for you outside." After saying this, Li Quin rushed outside.


After few minutes when Rose came out, she saw Ben and Li Quin happily playing around. They looked really cute together. The whole Li family treated Ben like their own specially Li Quin and Li Singtan.

" Ahhh mom monster uncle Quin is chasing me." Ben shouted and ran towards Rose.

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Li Quin stopped chasing Ben when he saw him running towards Rose.

Rose smiled at Ben and said," Don't call uncle Quin a monster."

Ben giggled. He then wrapped his small hands around his mom's palm and said," Come on mom let's go. I want to meet grandma and grandpa."

" Okay slow down Ben. Don't drag your mom like that." Li Quin shouted.

Turning towards the chauffeur, Li Quin said," Give me the keys. I'll drive."

" But Sir-" the chauffeur said.

" It's fine. You can join the guards and follow us from behind." After saying this, Li Quin grabbed the keys and hopped inside the car.

" Mom you sit in front with Uncle Quin and I'll sit in the backseat." Ben said.

Rose hesitated for a while and then hoped inside the passenger seat.

Li Quin's lips curled upwards. He then started the engine and said," Buckle your seatbelt."

After Rose buckled the seat belt, Li Quin checked it once more before driving the car out of the store.


After 20 minutes, they arrived at the Li Mansion.

As soon as the car stopped, Ben quickly got down of the car and rushed inside the mansion.

" Ben don't run wait for mom." Rose said. Quickly unbuckled the belt and opened the car door.

" Rose." Li Quin stopped her by holding her arm.

Rose froze when she felt his warm hand in her skin.

" I'll always wait for you. Whether it is outside your store or in real life." After saying this Li Quin got down of the car and walked inside, leaving Rose in daze.

Quickly composing herself, Rose entered inside the mansion.


Inside the mansion.

When Rose entered the mansion everyone was sitting in the living room, happily chatting and laughing.

Ben was already being pampered by everyone, specially by his great-grandparents.

" Rose you are here." Xie Ming quickly rushed towards her and gave her a hug.

Rose smiled and hugged her back.

" Come. Everyone is waiting for you." Xie Ming dragged Rose inside.

Mother Li got up and gave Rose a hug," Ahh Rose. You don't miss your mother right?"

Rose shook her head and said," It's not like that mother."

Father Li patted her head and said," I have been saying this since the last two years and I am saying it again, move here along with Ben. You are always busy with work. If you stay here, you don't have to worry about Ben. Your mother is there. I am here."

" Yes you should Rose. Even we are staying here." Xie Ming said.

Rose did not say anything. Looking towards Li Quin who was holding a wine glass, she lowered her head.

Li Quin on the other hand was staring at her with his eyes full of hope and helplessness.

Xie Ming noticed something odd between them.

" Okay. I'll stay here." Rose said.

Li Quin smiled and quickly gulped down the whole content of the glass.

Xie Ming walked towards Li Quin and asked," You like her don't you?"

Li Quin almost choked after hearing Xie Ming's question. After Coughing several times, he said," W-what Do you mean sister-in-law?"