Keeping quiet for quite some time, Yumi asked, \"Dad, did I do the right thing?\"

\"Hmm what makes you feel that you did the wrong thing?\" Singtan asked.

Yumi pursed her lips and sighed. \"I don't know dad, I just feel like I shouldn't have told him that. What if he was thinking of coming back but changed his mind because I told him so many things?\" Yes, she was worried. Worried because she thought she acted very impulsively. She was worried that he wouldn't come back at all.

\"Are you really tired of waiting for him?\" Singtan asked.

Yumi shook her head and said, \"I don't know dad.\" Lifting her head up, she added, \"Dad, did you ever get tired waiting for mom?\"

Singtan vigorously shook his head. \"No.\"

\"Why?\" Yumi asked.

Singtan smiled and pinched Yumi's cheeks. \"Because your mom was worth waiting for. So gotta ask yourself, is Zixin worth waiting for?\"

When Yumi did not say anything, Singtan added, \"You know honey when your mother got engaged with someone else, I was heartbroken. The only person I love had actually chosen someone else. Not that I blame your mom because I never told her that I love her. Everyone told me to move on and let it go because there were other beautiful women who were waiting for me. They also told me that I shouldn't waste my time and youth on someone who doesn't care about me. But I still chose to wait for your mom. Not because I had this feeling that she would be mine one day but because I wanted to. I wanted to wait for her no matter what and I did.\"

\"Would you've regretted it if she would've married someone else?\" Yumi asked.

Singtan shook his head and said, \"No, I would've never regretted it.\"

\"But isn't that a waste of time? What if you wait and wait but nothing happens? Didn't you think about your future back then?\" Yumi asked.

Pausing for a while, Singtan added, \"I don't know whether it is a waste of time or not. I don't know what others had to say about it but I wanted to so I did. And I never thought waiting for a woman I love is a waste of time. So what if I waited and nothing happened? Big deal, it was my personal choice to wait for the woman I love knowing that there is a high possibility of her not being mine at all. People will call it being stupid but I did that for my own satisfaction and because I wanted to.\"

Holding her hand, Singtan added, \"Remember one thing Yumi, never live your life according to what others want. Always live a life according to your choice and will. Live in and for the present. No one knows what might happen in the future but you can't take decisions in your present thinking about the future. That is like committing a suicided thinking that the world might end tomorrow. I always lived in and for the present. I had no idea what might happen or whether or not the woman I love will ever come looking for me but I waited anyway.\"

Pausing for a while, Singtan continued, \"I won't give you any false hope and I won't even say that you will definitely succeed or Zixin will definitely come back. Things were positive and lucky in my end but you might not be that lucky. The conclusion of your wait might not be as bright as mine. But it's okay even if it doesn't work. Remember one thing Yumi if you are meant to be together, no matter what happens fate and destiny will bring you together. So the conclusion of this midnight lecture is that it's all your choice. You wanna wait for him then go ahead, if you don't want to wait for him, don't. If you feel like he is worth your time then wait for him. If you feel he isn't, then don't. You see, it's as simple as an apple. What is there to wrack your brain about and have sleepless nights? It will just give you dark circles.\"

\"Last question, what if mom really married someone else. What would you do then?\" Yumi asked.

Singtan chuckled and helplessly shook his head. \"You are my daughter so I won't lie to you but you aren't allowed to tell this to anyone. Well, when I heard about your mom's wedding, I cried a lot. I literally locked myself inside my office and didn't come out for hours. I cried not because I regretted waiting for her but because I lost the woman I loved. When you don't get something that you want, you will feel sad and shattered but that is not the end of life. I don't know what I would've done after that but I am a hundred percent sure that I wouldn't have regretted it at any cost.\"

Tapping her nose, Singtan smiled. \"Remember one thing princess, never regret anything that once made you smile.\"

\"And you never know what might happen in the future? What if Zixin really comes back? Or what if there is a much more handsome and dashing man waiting for my beautiful daughter? What if- you see honey, there are so many what if's in the future. But you must not waste your time thinking about what those what if's are but live in and for the present. Time will heal everything and God has a plan for everything and everyone.\" Singtan added.

Yumi took a deep breath and hugged her father. \"Why does it always feel so good after I talk to you? Do you have some kind of magic spell?\"

\"Your dad is just an awesome dad honey.\" Singtan proudly exclaimed.

Yumi chuckled and nodded her head, \"Yes yes, you are really an awesome dad, dad.\"

Patting her back, Singtan smiled. \"Your mom and I never interfered or tried to pressurise all four of you to do anything. We let you do what you wanted to and have always supported you all. And no matter what you decide or what the outcome is, your parents will always support you.\"