" This ring is made up of platinum and has one of the most expensive diamond engraved on it but that doesn't make it unique. What makes it unique is the story behind this ring." The manager paused for a while and then continued," A jeweller had designed this ring for his wife. But before he could start working on it, his wife met with an accident and died. Two years later, the jeweller also died in his workshop due to heart attack. The police found a paper and an incomplete ring from his workshop. The paper had the design of the ring with the words 'Eternity' written on it. From that time onwards, this ring is considered as an epitome of love in the jewellery industry. Many world famous jewellers worked together for many years to complete the ring and after completing it, they called it ' Eternity' ." Picking up the ring, the manager said," This ring is one the most expensive ring in the whole world. Common people cannot afford it and rich people don't want to buy it because they think that it is too simple. This ring is shifted from one country to another every month. This month this ring is going to stay in country S.

Li Singtan liked the story behind the ring. He did not care whether the ring was expensive or not. All he cared about was that he loved Xie Ming till eternity. He smiled and said," I'll take it."

The manger clapped his hands in excitement and said," I knew it Mr Li has a very eye for jewellery. Mr Li you are buying the worlds most treasured jewellery today. This is going to make you famous."

Taking the ring in his hand, Li Singtan said," Nobody should know that I was the one who bought this ring. You can reveal my name day after tomorrow if you want. I want to surprise my wife tomorrow."

The manger nodded his head.

" Han Zihao will take care of the paperwork." Giving the ring back to the manager, Li Singtan said," You can pack this ring and give it to me."


[The worlds most expensive ring: Eternity sold]

[ Eternity sold in Country S]

[Epitome of love sold]

Headlines similar to these were trending in country S. Everyone was curious to know the name of the person who had bought the ring.

Along with this, the pictures of Mother Li and Father Li going around to hand over the invitation personally were also spreading like wildfire.

The news about the banquet was spread throughout the country.

The news about one of the most eligible bachelor getting married and the epitome of love being sold was too much for the netizens to handle.

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The media and the netizens were going frenzy.

Reporters started gathering outside the Li Mansion and Li Corporation. There were few reporters outside Global entertainment too.

When Li Quin came out of the building, he was immediately surrounded by reporters.

Reporter 1: Mr Li What is the reason behind your brother getting married so secretly?

Reporter 2: Mr Li who is the new Mrs Li? Is she a commoner or a socialite?

Reporter 3: Mr Li will you also marry secretly like your brother?

Li Quin helpless scratched his forehead and said," It's my brothers wish whether he wants to get married secretly or not. Whatever decision he takes I will always support him. Who my sister-in-law is, you will come to know tomorrow at the banquet. And time will show whether I'll get married secretly or not."

After saying this Li Quin quickly boarded the car with the help of his bodyguards and left the building.

As he entered the car, Li Quins phone buzzed.

Picking up the call, he said," Bro."

" Pick up Rose and Ben and bring them to the Li Mansion tonight." Li Singtan said.

Li Quin hesitated for a while and said," Okay."

Li Singtan took a deep breath and said," Don't think much. Just go."

Li Quin nodded his head.


After thirty minutes, Li Quin arrived outside 'Him&Her'

As he stepped out of the car, a cute little boy came running towards him and pounced upon him," Uncle Quin."

Li Quin cheekily smiled. Picking him up, he hugged him tightly and said," Hey champ."

Ben puffed his cheeks and said," I am angry with you."

Li Quin pulled his cheeks and said," I am sorry champ. I promise I'll visit you often." Looking around once, Li Quin asked," Where is your mom?"

" She is inside the store." Ben said.

Putting him down, Li Quin said," Go and sit inside the car and I'll go get your mom okay." He then gestured his bodyguard to look after Ben and entered the store.