Meanwhile Yang Yutang , An Yixi and Xie Yufan were busy preparing for tomorrow.

" Pink." An Yixi shouted.

"No Blue." Yang Yutang said.

" What do you know about colours? I said pink means pink." Yixi said.

" As if you know everything about colours." Yang Yutang said.

" I am a girl so I know." Yixi said.

" Yixi I said blue. End of discussion." Yutang shouted.

" This is not a business deal okay and this is not your office. So stop ordering me. I said pink means pink." Yixi shouted.

Xie Yufan pinched the space between his brows and said," Okay now stop both of you. This is not a birthday party of a baby girl or a baby boy okay. So pink and blue. This party is suppose to be romantic so we will go with red and white. I hope I have made myself clear."

Yang Yutang and An Yixi were dumbfounded.

Rolling her eyes at Yang Yutang, Yixi said," Stupid business man. A small kid has a better taste than you."

" Hey even you wanted pink." Yutang shouted.

" I was just checking how stupid you were. And you see I was right. Not only you are stupid you also have a bad taste in colours. No wonder you don't have a girlfriend." Yixi said.

Yang Yutang narrowed his eyes and said," No wonder even you don't have a boyfriend."

Xie Yufan covered his ears when they started arguing again.

" Ahhhh Stop. Bro Yutang and Sis Yixi you both are the same. If you both are single why don't you date each other." Yufan shouted and left.

An Yixi and Yang Yutang stared at each other.

Yang Yutang smiled and asked," So."

An Yixi raised her eyebrows and asked," What so?"

Taking few steps towards her, Yutang said," What Yufan said right now isn't a bad idea though."

An Yixi blushed. She quickly turned back and tried to escape but Yutang caught her hand and said," Why are running away like this? Answer me first."

Yixi pursed her lips and said," Can I get some time to think?"

Yang Yutang let her hand go and said," I need an answer tomorrow at the banquet."

"You are asking a girl to date you. So stop bossing around. Idiot." After saying this, An Yixi left.

Yang Yutang stood there scratching his head helplessly.

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Jewellery shop


" The colour is not good."

" The diamond is too small."

" Too Simple."

"To fancy."

Li Singtan kept on rejecting all the rings that the attendant was showing him.

Han Zihao sighed and said," Ehh Boss If you continue like this the shop will run short of rings."

Ignoring Han Zihao, Li Singtan asked the attendant," Show me the best ring that your shop has. I want something very unique and special for my wife. Something that no one else will have."

The attendant smiled at Li Singtan and said," We do have a special ring in our shop which arrived yesterday. But-"

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and asked," But what?"

The attendant lowered her head and said," The ring which I am talking about has not been displayed yet. So only the manager is allowed to take that ring out and our manager won't be coming today."

Li Singtan did not say anything and gave Han Zihao a look.

Quickly understanding what is boss wants him to do, Han Zihao quickly called someone.


After fifteen minutes, a middle aged man rushed inside the store in his pajamas.

Trying to catch hai breath, he said," Good evening Mr Li. I-I am so sorry for the inconvenience."

Turning towards the attendant, he said," Why didn't you inform me earlier about Mr Li's arrival?"

The attendant lowered her head and said," Manager I-"

" Show me the ring fast." Li Singtan said.

The Manager smiled at Li Singtan," Right away Sir."


After few minutes, the manager came out with a medium size box in his hand.

Placing the box in the table in front of Li Singtan, he slowly opened the box.