Han Zihao did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Why was his boss blaming him when Li Singtan was the one who forgot his wedding ring?

Slapping himself several times, Han Zihao started thinking about what he should do next.


Meanwhile Xie Ming was sitting on the bed thinking about Li Singtan.

Realising that she had behaved very rudely with him, Xie Ming decided to apologise to him. Thinking about the circumstances under which they had got married, it was normal for anyone to forget few things.

She cursed herself for getting carried away by Xie Yurin's words. With the ring or without the ring, she was Li Singtans lawfully wedded wife and nobody could change this fact.

Getting down from the bed, she took a deep breath and walked out of the room.


Inside the study room.

Li Singtan was thinking about different ways to please his wife when his phone rang.

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Picking up the call, Li Singtan said," Speak."

" Boss I have a great plan." Han Zihao's excited voice was heard from the other side.

" It better be good." Li Singtan said.

Han Zihao rolled his eyes and said," Why don't you get a wedding ring for Madam today and give it to her tomorrow in the party in front of everyone?"

Li Singtan smiled. He indeed had a really capable assistant," Come and pick me up from the Li Mansion. We are going to the jewellery shop and you are going to help me select a nice ring for my wife."

"Right away boss." Han Zihao said.

As Li Singtan placed his phone on the table, someone knocked at the door

" Come in." Li Singtan shouted.

The door slowly opened and Xie Ming entered the room.

As Li Singtan saw his wife, he stood up from his seat and said," You don't have to knock before entering."

Xie Ming lowered her head and said," I actually I-I wanted to say something."

Walking towards her, Li Singtan asked," What is it?"

" I am sorry. I shouldn't have behaved like that with you. I was just-" Xie Ming stopped before completing her sentence.

Crossing his hands,Li Singtan raised his eye brows and asked," You was just what?"

Xie Ming took a deep breath and said," I am sorry."

" You were too rude." Li Singtan complained.

Xie Ming lowered her head," I am sorry."

" I felt very bad."

" I am sorry."

" I was hurt as well."

" I am sorry."

Li Singtan kept on complaining and Xie Ming kept on saying sorry.

" You think your sorry is going to work Mrs Li?" Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming lifted her head up and bit her lower lip. Slowly walking towards Li Singtan, she gave him a quick peck on his cheek and rushed out of the study room.

Li Singtan was dumbfounded by her action. He had never expected that Xie Ming would make such a move. Though it was a quick peck on his cheeks, he started feeling giddy. Quickly coming back to his senses, he shouted," Xie Ming that is not enough."

Noticing that she was long gone, Li Singtan smiled running his hand through his hair.


Soon Han Zihao arrived at the Li Mansion.

Li Singtan boarded the car with an invitation card in his hand.

Passing the invitation card to Han Zihao, Li Singtan said," This is for your family members. Bring them tomorrow at the banquet. I want to come early in the morning at the venue and check the security for me. I have asked someone to prepare a suit for you for the banquet. You can change your clothes in the hotel. Also send a car to fetch your family tomorrow."

Han Zihao smiled and nodded his head. His boss was well known to be cold and hard hearted but he knew how his boss actually was. Li Singtan treasured everyone who was around him. Whether it was Han Zihao or the sweeper of Li Corporation. He treated everyone equally.

" Stop smiling and move." Li Singtan said.

Han Zihao's smiled faded. He then gestured the chauffeur to start the car.