When Li Singtan saw Xie Yurin walking out of the cafe, he patiently waited for Xie Ming to come out.

Few minutes passed but there was still no sign of Xie Ming.

Li Singtan frowned thinking that something wrong might have happened with her, he quickly got down from his car and dashed inside the cafe.

Li Singtan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Xie Ming sitting inside the cafe.

Walking towards her table, he said," Why are you still sitting here?"

'No reply'

Li Singtan raised his brows," What happened Ming?"

' No reply'

Pulling her up, Li Singtan examined her had said," Did she hurt you somewhere?"

Xie Ming slapped his hand away and dashed out of the cafe.

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes. She was behaving very strange. Without wasting any more time, he followed her.


Xie Ming was already sitting inside the car when Li Singtan came out of the cafe.

Li Singtan quickly hopped inside the car and gestured the chauffeur to start the car.

Looking at Xie Ming who was sitting very far away from him, he said," Where so you want to go?"

' No reply'

"Ming atleast tell me what happened?"

' No reply'

Li Singtan gritted his teeth. His wife was giving him a silent treatment.

The chauffeur looked at his boss and asked," Where to Sir?"

Li Singtan looked at Xie Ming once and said," Home."

Xie Ming did not say a word throughout the whole journey.

Li Singtan started feeling anxious and worried. He thought ' She was okay when she entered the cafe. What happened to her all of a sudden?'

When they arrived at the Li Mansion, Xie Ming quickly got down from the car and rushed inside.

Li Singtan took a deep breath and asked the Chauffeur," Are you married?"

The chauffeur lowered his head and said," No sir."

Buttoning his suit, Li Singtan said," Never get married. Women are really unpredictable specially wives."

The chauffeur nodded his head with a serious expression. His boss was right. If even the Li Singtan felt helpless in front of his wife then he was just a normal chauffeur.


When Li Singtan entered the room, Xie Ming was sitting in the bed.

Walking towards her, Li Singtan asked," Are you mad at me?"

" No." Xie Ming answered.

" Then What happened? Why are you behaving like this?" Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming glared at him and said," So you really don't know. Very good."

Li Singtan wanted to chock himself to death," if you don't tell me what did I do that is making you so mad, how will I know?"

Getting up from the bed, Xie Ming said," Since you don't know, there's no point telling to anything. So get out of my room. I have to change."

Li Singtan gulped. At this very moment, he felt very scared of Xie Ming. Without wasting any time he rushed out of the room.


Inside the study room.

Sitting on the couch, Li Singtan was thinking about the things that he had done today.

Picking up his phone, he called Han Zihao.

"Boss." Han Zihao greeted.

" Help me get the CCTV footage of moccatoons between 4 to 5 pm in which your lady boss and her sister can be seen clearly. You have ten minutes." After saying this, Li Singtan Jung up the call.

Han Zihao on the other hand felt very frustrated. Li Singtan did not come to the office since two days. So Han Zihao's workload has increased and now his boss had added one more work in his shoulder.

Sighing at his own fate, Han Zihao made few phone calls.

Within five minutes, Li Singtan received a mail from his assistant.

Without wasting anytime, he played the video.


Eveything in the video seemed normal. Xie Yurin was talking and Xie Ming had a smile on her face.

Li Singtan was about to close the video, when he saw Xie Yurin Placing her hand on the table and touching her ring.

Li Singtan narrowed her eyes. He then looked towards his wife. He panicked when he saw her frozen expression. But what shocked him even more was when he saw Xie Ming lifting her left hand up and staring at him.

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Li Singtan understood what his mistake was. He had indeed made a very big mistake. How could he forget about the wedding ring? He cursed himself almost thousand times inside his head. He was so stupid. But the main question that disturbed him was, now what should he do?

As he was busy with his thoughts, his phone buzzed.

When Li Singtan saw the called ID, his mood worsened. It was his assistants fault. Yes it was Han Zihao's fault too. Han Zihao is his assistant. His job is to remind Li Singtan if he ever forgets something important.

Picking up the call, Li Singtan said," How could you not remind me to buy my wife a wedding ring? How can you be so careless? Are you sick of your job? All your day off's for this month has been canceled. And if you don't come up with an idea within 10 minutes, no bonus for you for 6months."

After saying this Li Singtan quickly hung up the call.