When Xie Ming and Rose came out of the room, Li Singtan was playing with Ben.

Rose smiled and said," Brother Singtan really loves Ben a lot."

Xie Ming smiled and nodded her head. She did not say anything but stared at Li Singtan. Her husband was really a great man. Looking at how caring and loving he was towards Ben, Xie Ming wondered how much Li Singtan would pamper his own child.

When Li Singtan saw Xie Ming smiling at him, he said," Eveything Okay."

Xie Ming nodded her head.

" Everything is done brother. I'll send your and sister-in-laws clothes to the Li Mansion." Rose said.

Li Singtan patted her head and said," You have to come to the Li mansion tonight with Ben. Mother wants all of us to go together tomorrow."

Rose nodded her head," I'll be there don't worry."

Ben clapped his hands and said," I'll meet grandpa and grandma today?"

Xie Ming pulled his cheeks and said," Yes you will."

" Will beautiful auntie also be there." Ben asked.

Ruffling his soft hair, Xie Ming said," Yes I will be there."

" Okay so we will leave now. I'll send someone to pick you both up tonight." Li Singtan said.

After bidding goodbye to Rose and Ben, Xie Ming and Li Singtan left the store.

As they were walking towards there car, Li Singtan placed his hands on Xie Ming's shoulder and asked," What happened?"

Leaning against his firm chest, Xie Ming said," You are a very good person Mr Li."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Tell me something I don't know." Looking at his watch, Li Singtan said," It's already 3:45. You age to meet your sister at 4. Let go."

Xie Ming felt a bit reluctant to go but with Li Singtan by her side, she felt safe.


After ten minutes, they arrived outside the cafe.

Running his hands down her soft hair, Li Singtan said," I'll be waiting for you outside. Okay? If anything happens just give me a call."

Xie Ming nodded her head and stepped out of the car.


Inside the cafe.

As Xie Ming entered the cafe, she started looking for Xie Yurin.

Xie Yurin raised her hand and shouted " Elder Sister I am here."

Walking towards her, Xie Ming sat in the chair and said," What is it that you want to say?"

Xie Yurin smiled and said," You did not even greet me." Pausing for a while she said," Anyway I understand that I deserve your cold treatment."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Atleat you know something."

Xie Yurin smiled and said," Elder sister did you receive any invitation today?"

Xie Ming shook her head," No."

Xie Yurin smirked and took out an invitation from her bag. Placing the invitation on the table, she said," This is the invitation from the Li's. Their eldest son, Li Singtan got married and tomorrow they are throwing a welcome party for her tomorrow."

Xie Ming smiled and asked," What it has to do with me then?"

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" I know you tried to seduce Li Singtan in order to save Xie Corporation." Xie Yurin said.

Xie Ming widened her eyes in shock and thought ' Why will I seduce my own husband?'

Xie Yurin smirked and continued," But What happened in the end? Li Singtan got married to someone else and he did not even care to send you an invitation. What did you think before offering your body to him? You thought that he would make you his wife if you offer him your body?" Pausing for a while, she continued," Big people like him have lots and lots of women whom they can sleep with."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and said," Get to the point."

Xie Yurin smiled and said," Li Singtan is a married man now so stop seducing him. I know you also fancy Siquan but don't forget that he is also married now. You know what people will call you if you share any kind of physical relationship with a married man? A Mistress. Don't dirty our families reputation like this."

Xie Min almost choked at her sisters words and thought ' What mistress? I am Li Singtans lawfully wedded wife for God sake.' She smiled and said," What Family? Which family? Let me tell you Mrs Chen that you are no more a part of the Xie family."

Ignoring her words, Xie Yurin said," Elder sister do you know there is one thing that a wife has but a mistress can never have." Placing her left hand on the table, she touched her wedding ring and said," A wedding ring."

Xie Ming froze when she heard what her sister had said. Lifting her left hand up and realised that there was actually no ring in her hand, she felt disappointed and angry at the same time. She wasn't angry with Xie Yurin as time would show her whether she was a mistress or not. But she was angry with Li Singtan. Though they were married, that man never cared to give her a wedding ring neither did he wear one. Though she knew that she was Li Singtan's lawfully wedded wife but at this moment she felt like she was mistress and that felling was killing her.

Xie Yurin smiled as she saw anger in Xie Ming's face. She inwardly praised herself as she had successfully made her sister look down at herself.

Placing her hand on Xie Ming's hand, Yurin said," It's okay. It's never to late to repent. Remember one thing, you can never become a part of the Li family. You don't deserve it."

Getting up from her seat, Yurin said," Since now you know that Li Singtan is married, don't go around seducing his younger brother."

After saying this Xie Yurin left the cafe.