Inside the store.

The store was more luxurious and grand than what Xie Ming and thought it would be. The dresses which were displayed were extraordinary.

Rose chuckled and said," These dresses are nothing in comparison to what I have selected for you." Pulling Xie Ming towards a room, Rose said," Come I'll show you your dress and you can even try it."

Li Singtan took Ben from Xie Ming and said," Go and try your dress. I'll be waiting here."

Xie Ming nodded her head and followed Rose.


Inside the room.

Holding the edge of the cloth that was covering the dress, Rose said," Ready Sister-in-law. One, two and three."

As Rose removed the cloth, Xie Ming's eyes lit up when she saw the dress.

It was a deep neck peach colour backless gown which was beautifully embroidered.

" So do you like it sister-in-law." Rose asked.

Xie Ming sighed. Touching the gown, she said," It's beautiful. I feel like I don't deserve such a beautiful piece of clothing."

Rose laughed and said," Well this is specially mad for you. Why don't you try it?"

Xie Ming nodded her head. Taking the dress, she entered the trial room.

After few minutes when she came out of the trial room wearing the gown, Rose gasped and did not say anything.

Turning around once, Xie Ming asked," How do I look?"

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Rose smiled and said," You look beautiful."

Xie Ming smiled and said," I guess it needs a little alteration."

" Leave it to me. I'll get it done."


As the alteration of the gown would take some time, Ming and Rose decided to have a cup of tea.

" So sister-in-law How is married life?" Rose asked.

Placing the cup on the table, Xie Ming answered," Untill now it's good."

Holding Xie Ming's hand, Rose said," You have married a great person."

Xie Ming smiled at her and said," Initially stage of all marriages are happy. After sometime everything everything changes. You must know that right?"

Rose did not say anything and gave Xie Ming a weak smile.

" What happened? Did say something wrong?"Xie Ming asked.

Rose waved her hand and said," No sister-in-law you did not say anything wrong. It's not your fault that my life is a not complicated."

" What do mean?" Xie Ming asked.

Rose took a deep breath and said," Ben doesn't have a father. I am a single mother." Pausing for a while, Rose continued," I used to stay in an orphanage. Later when I turned 18 I moved into my own apartment. I was working as a designer in a company. Everything was good, untill one day the owners son dashed into my apartment and raped me."

Xie Ming held her hand and said," It's okay if you don't want to talk about it."

Rose smiled and said," We are family now so there is no harm in telling you everything. Next day when I tried to protest and voice out, the owner kicked me out of the house saying that I was a Slut who was trying to frame his innocent son. All of a sudden my life had changed. I was raped and I was homeless. When the news about how I tried to seduce my owners son spread all over the city, I was even kicked out of my job. I felt dejected and hopeless at the same time. As I was walking on the road, luckily I met with an accident." She paused for a while and said," when I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital. The first person whom I saw after I opened my eyes was Brother Singtan. The car which had hit me had, left me on the road to die. It's was brother Singtan who brought me to the hospital. Brother Singtan asked me about my family. When I told him that I was an orphan, without thinking twice he brought me to country S along with him."

Rose smiled and said," You know sister-in-law after I met the Li family, I understood how important a family is. Mother Li took very good care of me. They wanted me to stay in the Li Mansion but I insisted on staying outside. Brother Singtan arranged everything for me. When I told him that I was a designer, he told me that I should open something of my own. He helped me with the funds and this is how Him&Her came into existence."

" After three months, I came to know that I was pregnant. I felt anxious and wanted to abort the child. But brother Singtan told me that, it wasn't the babies fault. It was innocent. And moreover it also belonged to her. She shouldn't kill someone who is innocent. He told me that he will always be there with her. He would also support her. He asked me not to be scared of anything. I decided to keep the baby."

" After six months Ben was born and when I held him in my arms for ten first time, I felt extremely happy. I was glad that I listened to brother Singtan and kept my baby. Ben is my sweetheart and I love him a lot."

Xie Ming had tears in her eyes. After hearing her story, her respect for Li Singtan increased. Li Singtan was the best thing that had ever happened with her.

Rose laughed and said," Now that is my tragic story but atleast it has a happy ending right."

Xie Ming patted her head and said," Rose you are a really sweet and brave woman."