Next morning when Xie Ming woke up, it was already 11 am.

Looking at the time,Xie Ming sighed. She had overslept again.

She was about to get down from the bed, when she saw Li Singtan entering the room with a tray in his hand.

Smiling at his wife, Li Singtan said," Good morning."

Placing the tray on the bed, Li Singtan said," Go freshen up a bit and then have your breakfast."

" Let's go down and have breakfast with everything." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan smiled and said," You mean you want to have lunch with them?"

Xie Ming lowered her head," I am sorry I overslept again."

Li Singtan laughed," Are you sorry for oversleeping or drooling all over me?"

" I don't drool."

" Should I show you the shirt which I was wearing last night?" Li Singtan said with a smirk in his face. Pausing for a while, he continued," I don't really mind even if you drool all over me."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and got down from the bed," Will you please wake me up early from tomorrow."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," It's not a big deal whether you oversleep or not. It's up to you. Nobody is going to say anything. Have your breakfast and get ready."

" Where are we going?"

" We are going to buy a beautiful dress for my beautiful wife."Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming smiled and entered the washroom.


Meanwhile, Father Li and Mother Li were outside the Chen mansion.

" Sometimes I really don't understand our son." Father Li said.

Mother Li smiled," Your son is just like you Mr Li. He wants the entire world to know that Xie Ming is now his wife including his wife's ex boyfriend."

Father Li nodded his head and entered the Chen Mansion along with his wife.


Inside the Chen Mansion.

As Father Li and Mother Li entered, the whole Chen Family was present except for grandfather Chen and Chen Seini.

Father Chen smiled at them and said," Welcome Mr and Mrs Li. It's my pleasure to have you here. Come come have a seat."

Chen Siquan and Xie Yurin came forward and greeted them.

As mother Li saw them, her smile froze and her expression turned cold.

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Father Li tightened the grip on his wife's waist and whispered," Control Mrs Li. This isn't the right time to do anything."

Forcing a smile on her face, Mother Li said," Aren't you the second daughter of the Xie family?"

Xie Yurin nodded her head.

" So What are you doing here?" Mother Li asked.

Before Xie Yurin could answer, Father Chen said," She is my daughter-in-law, Chen Siquan's wife."

Mother Li raised her eyesbrows and said," Oh is that so? I never heard about them getting married. Mr Chen is very secretive. You did not even care you invite us in your sons wedding. But don't worry we aren't so stingy. We are here to invite you for a party that we are throwing for Li Singtan's wife tomorrow. It's actually my daughter-in-laws welcome party. I hope to see each and every member of the Chen family there specially the new Mrs Chen."

Father Chen coughed twice after hearing mother Ali's words," That is great news. I never thought Li Singtan would get married."

Mother narrowed her eyes and said," If your son can get married so easily, it is actually a piece of cake for my son to get married. Actually you know how grand the Li family is. Unlike you we won't accept any random girl into our family even if she belongs to an influential family." Leaning against Father Li, Mother Li said," Li Singtan was actually planning to woo this girl since a really long time. After spending almost so many years running after her, she finally accepted my sons proposal."

" Untill and unless she is from an influential background nothing matters." Father Chen said.

Mother Li smiled and said," Character matters. Her behaviour matters whether she is from an influential family or not that is a secondary thing. Anyway you people will never understand this."

Father Li had to cough twice in order to remind mother Li that she was being too rude with her words.

Father Chen also started feeling uncomfortable whereas Chen Siquan was fuming in anger.

Placing the invitation on the table, Father Li said," Well here is the invitation. We hope to see you all there tomorrow."

Father Chen cleared his throat and said," Yes Yes we will definitely come and give the new young Li couple our blessings. Mr Li actually I wanted to talk to you about the collaborations. Actually I-"

Father Li interrupted him and said," I am no more the CEO of Li Corporation. My son is the CEO now. It's up to him how he wants to handle business. And moreover your son is now the CEO of Chen enterprise. So why don't we let young people handle matters like this."

Without waiting for Father Chen's reply, mother Li and Father Li got up and left.

As the Li couple were no where at sight, father Chen slammed the table and shouted," What do they think of themselves? Specially that Lu Meili."

Xie Yurin did not say anything. Quietly picking up the invitation, she smiled.

Quickly taking out her phone, she typed a message - 4 pm, Moccatunes cafe.