Inside the room.

Li Singtan placed Xie Ming on the bed and walked towards the wardrobe.

Taking out her home clothes, he passed them to Xie Ming and said," Go change first."

Xie Ming nodded her head. Clumsily getting up from bed she walked inside the washroom.

By the time Xie Ming came out, Li Singtan has already changed and was sitting on the bed with a laptop.

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes and asked," What is the time?"

Looking at the watch, Li Singtan answered," 1 am."

Crossing both arms in front, Xie Ming asked," So?"

" I am just checking few emails." Li Singtan said.

Climbing up on the bed, Xie Ming closed the laptop," Sleep."

Li Singtan sighed. Feeling helpless in front of his wife he placed the laptop on the side table.

Xie Ming smiled and patted his head," Good boy."

Running his hands down her soft hair, Li Singtan said," You should take some rest." Wrapping his hands around her waist, Li Singtan pulled her towards him.

Like every time, Xie Ming placed her head on his chest and said," I met Yurin today at the mall."

" What did she say?" Li Singtan asked.

" She said she wants to meet me tomorrow."

" So will you meet her?"

" May be I will."

Li Singtan sighed and said," Do what you want to. I'll always be there beside you. So you don't to worry about anything."

Xie Ming smiled," I know."

" Ming actually I wanted to ask you something." Li Singtan said.

Raising her head up, Xie Ming asked," Ya tell me."

Adjusting his position, Li Singtan said," Actually we were planning to send out an invitation to the Chen's also but-"

Xie Ming bit her lower lip and lowered her eyes.

Touching her cheeks with his fingers, Li Singtan said," It's okay if you are not okay with it. I'll cancel their invitation tomorrow."

" It's okay. You don't have to do that. The Chen's are a part of Li Corporation, so its necessary to invite them." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan smiled," Now sleep."

Li Singtan was the one who insisted on inviting the Chen's for the party. Everyone was against it but Li Singtan was determined to invite them. He wanted to show Chen Siquan that Xie Ming now belonged to him and she had nothing to do with Chen Siquan.


Meanwhile Yang Yutang was quietly driving the car while An Yixi was quietly sitting in the passenger seat.

Both them did not talk to each other after they entered the car.

Yang Yutang could help but steal glances off her every now and then.

An Yixi laughed and said," If you want to stare at me then just stare."

All of a sudden, Yang Yutang stopped the car and said," What? Who said that I am staring at you."

An Yixi just raised her eyebrows and did not say anything.

Scratching his head, Yang Yutang said," Actually there is something on your face. You should wash your face properly." Yang Yutang almost choked after hearing his own words. He wanted to woo this lady sitting beside him. Who the hell tells a girl to wash her face properly? He wanted to impress her but now.

" Stupid Yutang." He murmured under his breath.

An Yixi on the other hand quickly took out a small mirror from her handbag and started checking her face. She furrowed her brows when she noticed that there was not even a single dot on her face," There is nothing on my face. May be there is dirt in your eyes. You should wash them properly."

Yang Yutang pursed his lips and said," I am sorry I- I am stupid."

An Yixi laughed and said,"You were always stupid. Remember back in college how you used to follow that stupid girl. She was not even pretty. I still don't understand what did you actually see in her."

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Running his hands through his hair, Yang Yutang said," She was pretty."

" You are saying this because you have never seen her without any makeup." After saying this, An Yixi burst into laughter.

" Stop laughing okay. Atleast she was better than that what was his name? Ummm Ron right? Ya Ron. Atleast she was better than that Ron with whom you used to hang out." Yang Yutang said.

" Hey don't say that. He was handsome okay and he had no makeup on."

Starting the car again, Yang Yutang said," Huh if you say that Ron was handsome then I am a fucking gorgeous, charming and handsome as well."

Looking out of the window, An Yixi said," Yes you are."

Yang Yutang smiled cheekily at her comment.

After few minutes they arrived outside the An mansion.

Picking up her handbag, An Yixi said," Thanks for the ride Mr Yang."

As she was about to step out of the car, Yang Yutang caught her hand," You'll be going to the Li mansion again tomorrow right? I'll pick you up okay so you should give me your number."

An Yixi smiled and said," Okay." Taking his phone from him, she quickly saved her number.

As she stepped out of the car, Yang Yutang quickly changed her name from ' AN YIXI' to 'MY PRINCESS'.