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 \"Mian what are you saying? Why would you want Yumi to wait for him? It's already been so many years and-\"

Grabbing Linyang's hand, Mian gave her a meaningful look. \"What I mean is, what's the harm waiting for thirty days right? I mean-\"

\"Ya ya there is no harm waiting for thirty days. It's just a months so-\"

Yumi sighed and said, \"I am feeling a bit tired today so I'll go take some rest.\"

\"Hmm okay, are you leaving for the shoot tomorrow?\" Mian asked.

Yumi nodded her head and said, \"Yes, I'll be leaving tomorrow.\"

\"Do you want me to accompany you? I mean I currently don't have anything to do so-\"

Cutting Linyang off, Yumi shook her head, \"It's fine, you should spend more time with uncle Yutang and Aunt Yixi. I will be okay.\"

\"You sure? I can accompany you too. I can take a day off from the hospital.\" Mian didn't feel like leaving her friend alone. Yumi was looking very vulnerable and pale. Mian's heart ached for her.

\"I'll be fine.\" Yumi assured both of them before walking towards the mansion.

After Yumi left, Linyang raised her brows at Mian and asked, \"Alright now start spilling.\"

Mian sighed and said, \"Get into the car, I'll tell you everything.\"


Global Entertainment.

\"Big bro, what are you doing here so late?\" Li Nuan asked.

\"Well, I can ask you the same question.\" Closing his laptop, Ben straightened his suit and smiled at his little brother.

\"I was just going through a few important files but what about you? I thought you left hours ago. In fact mom had called me a couple of hours ago asking about you. I told her that you already left so you better call and tell her.\" Nuan reminded his big bro.

\"Hmmm okay.\"

\"Are you going home?\" Nuan asked.

\"Where else can I go?\" Ben asked.

Nuan shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. \"Just asking.\"

Raising his eyebrows at his brother, Ben asked, \"Seriously Nuan what do you want?\"

Scratching his forehead, Nuan awkwardly cleared his throat. \"Ummm that-\"

\"How many?\" Ben asked.

Nuan sighed and pursed his lips. Sticking four fingers out, Nuan took out an envelope from his pocket and gave it to Ben.

Taking the envelope, Ben chuckled, \"This is too much, will they ever stop doing this?\"

\"Aunt Ming said that she likes the first one while grandma likes the third one and mom said that she doesn't care what kind of woman you bring in but she wants you to settle down as soon as possible.\" After passing on the message, Nuan took a deep breath.

Walking towards the shredding machine, Ben was about to shred the envelope off when Nuan stopped him saying, \"And they also said that if you shred them, they will kick you out.\"

Stopping midway, Ben helplessly shook his head and shoved the envelope inside her pocket.

\"Why don't you go through it once? What if you genuinely like one?\" Nuan asked.

When Ben did not say anything, Nuan scratched his head and asked, \"Ehhh big bro are you a gay?\"

When Ben frowned and gave his brother a murderous look, Nuan cleared his throat and asked, \"I mean it's common now and-\"

\"Shut up.\"

\"Then why? Why aren't you interested in any woman? You like the most eligible bachelor, you are successful and who doesn't know you? Then why do you repel women? \" Nuan asked.

Li Jin(Ben) had taken over his uncle Singtan's CEO position in Glory Entertainment and Li Nuan had taken over his father's position.

Ben was twenty-eight years old but still had no history with any kind of woman. Being the CEO of a huge entertainment company like Glory, there were many beautiful models and actresses who had shown their interest in him but Ben always repelled them.

Seeing his disinterest in women, the Li family was also quite tensed. They also tried to send him on blind dates and tried to introduce him to different kinds of women but nothing worked.

\"Go home and tell mom that I'll come back later. I have a business dinner to attend.\" Ben said before walking out of his office.


Li mansion.



Rubbing her arms, Yumi was taking a walk in the garden. She couldn't catch any sleep because she was feeling restless and uneasy.

She even tried calling Zixin again but the call did not go through which made her feel more restless and uneasy.

As she was busy in her thoughts, someone placed a shawl on her shoulder.

\"Look at you, so careless. What if you catch a cold?\" Draping a shawl on her shoulder, Singtan frowned and nagged his daughter for being so careless.

\"What happened? Not feeling sleepy?\" Singtan asked.

When Yumi shook her head, Singtan wrapped his arms around her shoulder. \"Come let's sit there.\"

Walking towards the bench, Singtan gestured Yumi to sit down.

\"Dad, why aren't you sleeping? Did mom kick you out again?\" Yumi asked.

\"No, your mom is already asleep.\" Singtan answered.

\"Then why aren't you sleeping?\" Yumi asked.

\"How can a father sleep peacefully when he knows that his daughter is having a restless night?\" Singtan asked.

Wrapping her arms around his, Yumi placed her head in her father's shoulder and sighed.

\"What happened Princess?\" Singtan asked.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Yumi answered, \"I don't know dad, I don't know what is happening. In fact I don't even know what I am doing with my life.\"

\"What are you doing with your life? Well, I think you are doing absolutely fantastic. What is there to think about?\" Singtan asked.

Pausing for a while, Singtan added, \"Now if you are talking about Zixin then it's a different case.\"

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Yumi added, \"I called him today. I told him that I want to get over him, I told him that I am tired of waiting for him.\"

\"Hmmm good, you did the right thing. Then what are you still thinking about?\" Singtan asked.