In the dinning area.

The dinning table was covered with different kinds of food.

As everyone sat on their seats, Xie Ming looked around and asked," Where Is Quin?"

" He had an urgent meeting to attend. He will come back later." Mother Li said.

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" Since everyone is here today, We should talk about the welcome party that we are planning to throw for Ming." Grandma Li said.

" Chuang What do you think?." Mother Li asked.

Father Xie smiled and said," I am okay with anything. After seeing how happy Ming is here with all of you, I feel very satisfied and happy."

" I was thinking that we should throw the welcome party day after tomorrow. What do you all think?" Father Li asked everyone.

" I think it's great."

" Ya the sooner the better."

" We should do it day after tomorrow then."

Everyone started voicing their opinion.

Xie Ming on the other hand felt a bit strange," I think we should do it later. How will we manage to prepare everything within two days."

Li Singtan placed his hands on her back and said," You don't have to worry about that. Don't forget who your husband is."

" You don't have to do anything Ming. Just get enough rest and come to the party dressed well." Grandma Li said.

Mother Li clapped both her hands and said," Okay then its final we will throw the party day after tomorrow. Everyone has to help. Yutang, Yixi and Yufan you young people have to do some extra work."

" Yes Yes Mother don't worry I'll give my 100%. This party is going to be a blast." An Yixi said.

Yutang and Yufan nodded their head in unison.


After dinner, all the men sat together discussing about the guest list. They wanted to invite everyone who was directly or indirectly involved with the Li corporation and family. Father Li had suggested father Xie to invite his business partners and family members as well but father Xie declined his offer.

Mother Li and grandma Li were discussing about the food items while Xie Ming and An Yixi were sitting in a corner.

" Your life has changed for better Ming. I am happy for you." An Yixi said.

Xie Mjng smiled at her.

" Not only to have such a handsome and sexy husband but you also have such lovely in-laws."

Xie Ming smiled and said," I know. They treat me very well."

An Yixi raised her eyesbrows and said," So how is Mr Li in that aspect."

Understanding what An Yixi wanted to ask, Xie Ming blushed and lowered her head.

An Yixi widened her eyes and said," Now please don't tell me that you are still a virgin."

" Actually we didn't-"

" What? Are you seriously normal Ming?" Pointing towards Li Singtan An Yixi continued," Just look at him. How can you resist such a beauty? How?"

" Yixi it's bad manners to point at someone like that. How many times do I have to tell you this?" Xie Ming said.

Putting her hand down, An Yixi said," Okay fine. But seriously Ming you have to do something before it's too late."

" What do you mean?" Xie Ming asked.

" Mr Li is a great man whom many woman desire. There are woman who are dying to climb his bed. You should lay your claim on him as soon as possible before it's too late. Leave no room for regrets. And the main thing is you are already married what is the point holding yourself back." Placing her hand on Ming's shoulder Yixi said," Think about it. Don't hold yourself back because of what happened in the past. Don't try to hold your feeling back for Mr Li because of your past. If you ever start feeling for him in the future, don't hold your feeling back. Do you understand?"

Xie Ming nodded her head," And you too don't hold your feelings back for Yutang."

Yixi smiled and said," I am not his type. He will never like someone like me."

Xie Ming knocked Yixi's forehead and said," You used to say the same thing when we were at college."