Grandpa Li smiled at An Yixi and said," Aren't the only daughter of the An Family?"

An Yixi nodded her head.

" The An Family has really raised you well. Come here child." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Li patted her head and said," How is old man An?. It has been a really long time since I met him."

" He is good Gran-" An Yixi paused. She lowered her head and bit her lower lip. She wasn't sure if Grandpa Li would like it if she addressed him as Grandpa.

Lifting her head up, she looked at garndpa Li.

" What I know that I am too young to be a garndpa but you have to address me as Grandpa only we don't really have a choice you know." Grandpa said.

An Yixi giggled at Grandpa Li's words.

After meeting every member of the most powerful and influential family of country S, An Yixi realised that they were one of the sweetest and most humble people that she had ever met in her entire life. When Xie Ming told her that she was married to Li Singtan, she was feeling worried for Xie Ming. An Yixi thought that the Li family was going to give her friend a really tough time and make her suffer. But after visiting them and witnessing everything personally, she started feeling that Xie Ming was indeed very lucky to get such great In-laws. She felt jealous of her.


Walking towards Li Singtan, Xie Ming said," Yixi he is my husband, Mr Li Singtan."

An Yixi eyes widened in shock. She had seen Li Singtan in many business magazines and newspapers and knew that he was very handsome. But after seeing him in reality, An Yixi realised that he was much more handsome, dashing and sexy in reality.

Li Singtna smiled at her and said," It's good to see you Ms An."

An Yixi pounced upon Xie Ming and said," Ahh Ming I love you a lot. If not for you I would've never met such great people in a single day. I even know the Li Singtan now. I love you."

Xie Ming knocked her friends forehead and said," Stupid."

The two friends Then happily started chatting with Li Singtan completely ignoring the man standing beside them.

Yang Yutang narrowed his eyes and coughed twice in order to remind them of their existence.

" Yutang are you okay should I get you a glass of water?" Xie Ming asked.

" Ming you don't want to introduce Yixi to Yutang" Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming laughed," Ohh right I forgot. Yixi you actually know Yutang from college."

An Yixi smiled and said," Ya I remember him. You used to hang out with that weird cap guy."

This time Li Singtan was the one to cough.

Patting his back, Xie Ming asked," Are you okay?"

" Yes I am fine."

Yang Yutang scratched his head and said," Its nice meeting you again Ms Yixi."

" It's nice meeting you again as well." An Yixi said.

" Okay now come one everyone dinner is ready." Mother Li said.

" Let's go." Li Singtan said and placed his hand on Xie Ming's shoulder.

" You go with Yutang first. We will follow you behind." Xie Ming said.

As Li Singtan and Yang Yutang left, Xie Ming pulled Yixi towards her and said," You still like him don't you?"

An Yixi blinked twice and said," What are you taking about?"

Rolling her eyes, Xie Ming said," It's written all over your face Yixi. You cannot hide anything from me."

An Yixi lowered her head," I don't know."

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Xie Ming smiled and said," Alright now let's not talk about this for now. Let's go everyone is waiting for us."