" This brat you forgot about your grandpa and grandma after meeting your mother and father." Grandma Li shouted.

Yang Yutang smiled cheekily," I don't know about you grandpa but I can never forget this beautiful woman standing next you ever in my life."

" You ungrateful brat. You are openly flirting with my wife in front of me." Grandpa Li said.

Walking towards Grandma Li, Yang Yutang said," It's not my fault that you look too old in front of her. You actually look like a father and daughter pair."

Grandma Li giggled and said," Ah Stop it Yutang. Don't tease Grandma like this."

Grandpa Li touched his face and asked" Father and daughter? What do you mean? Do I look that old?"

Everyone started laughing.

Walking towards grandpa Li, Xie Ming said," No no grandpa you still look like you are in your 20's, Young and fresh."

Grandpa Li pulled Xie Ming's cheek and said," Don't try to coax your grandpa. If you want to make me feel young again then give me a great grandchild soon.

Xie Ming blushed. Everyone was hoping that she would give the Li family a new heir but what would happen if they find out the truth. She was the one who had told Li Singtan that they would never share any kind of physical relationship.

Seeing a complicated expression on her face, Li Singtan understood what she was thinking," Now everyone stop pressurising my wife. I have no intention of having a child anytime soon alright. I am ready to share her with anyone right now. Not even with my own child."

Mother Li rolled her eyes at her son. He was just like his father. Possessive and obsessed.


When everyone was happily sitting and chatting among themselves, a guard stepped inside the manor and said," Young Master there is a lady standing outside asking for Young Madam."

Xie Ming stood up and said." She is my friend. Would you please escort her in."

The guard nodded his head and left.

Yang Yutang raised his eyebrows and asked Li Singtan," Which friend is she talking about?"

Li Singtan shook his head gesturing that he had no idea.

Soon a shrill voice echoed from the entrance," Ming."

Xie Ming smiled and ran towards the entrance. Hugging the person tightly, she said," Yixi."

An Yixi hugged her back," Ahh I missed you."

" Sister Yixi." Xie Yufan got up from his seat and rushed towards Xie Ming and An Yixi.

An Yixi smiled at Yufan," Oh My God you have become a man now." Pouting her lips, she said," Give me my cute Little Yufan back."

Xie Yufan laughed and hugged her.

" Come I'll introduce you to everyone." Xie Ming then dragged her inside.


When Yang Yutang saw An Yixi, his heart skipped her beat. Seeing his one time big crush in front of him, Yang Yutang realised that his feelings for Yixi were still young and fresh. When Li Singtan had told him about Yixi, he knew that there would be a day when he would meet her again. But he had never expected the day to be today. He was not prepared for this.

Piching Li Singtan, Yang Yutang said," You did this on purpose right?"

" What do you mean?" Li Singtan asked.

" You knew she was coming but you-"

Li Singtan grinned and said," I don't know what you are talking about."

Yang Yutang rolled his eyes," Don't act innocent."

Li Singtan placed his hands on Yutang's shoulder and said," I know you still have feelings for her. You always tell me that I wasted so many years in order make Xie Ming mine. You have also done the same thing for so many years. The only difference is that Xie Ming is already my wife and you are still wasting your time."

Li Singtan's words struck Yang Yutang like a lighting bolt. Looking at An Yixi he smiled.


Xie Ming dragged An Yixi inside and introduced her to Mother Li," Mother she is my childhood friend and best friend An Yixi."

An Yixi smiled and extended her hand towards mother Li," Nice to meet you Mrs Li."

Mother Li let out a small laugh and said," You don't have to be so formal with me. Since you are Ming's childhood friend, you are also like my daughter. Don't address me like that. You can call me mother as well."

An Yixi was touched by Mother Ali's words. She had expected the infamous Mrs Li to be arrogant and bold but after seeing how sweet and welcoming she actuaaly was, An Yixi gave mother Li a hug.

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