By the time Xie Ming woke up, it was already 6 in the evening.

Xie Ming widened her eyes in shock. Shaking Li Singtan, she said," Singtan wake up. The dinner party is about to start."

Opening his eyes slowly, Li Singtan said," What happened?"

Xie Ming rolled her eyes at him and jumped out of the bed," We are late."

Lazily getting down from the bed, Li Singtan said," Relax. It's just a family get together."

" I did not help grandma and mother today. What are they going to think about you? Ahh I even overslept." Pointing her fingers towards Li Singtan, she shouted," It's all your fault."

Li Singtan smiled," It's normal for newlywed couple like us to spend some quality time together. Mother won't mind instead she will be happy thinking that she'll get a grandchild soon."

Xie Ming lowered her head," But we-"

Li Singtan patted her head and said," They don't know that. They think that we are like every normal couple." Picking up a towel, he said," I'll go take a quick shower."

Xie Ming nodded her head. Walking towards their wardrobe, she picked up a knee length dress for herself and casual shirt and pant for Li Singtan and placed in on the bed.


When Li Singtan came out of the washroom, Xie Ming rushed towards the washroom and said," I have taken out your clothes. Wear them and rush downstairs."

Looking at the clothes which was placed neatly on the bed, he smiled. Xie Ming wanted him to wear these tonight.

Picking them up, Li Singtan said," Let's go down together. Okay?"

Xie Ming nodded her head.


When Xie Ming and Li Singtan came downstairs, Father Xie and Xie Yufan has already arrived. Everyone was sitting in the living room sipping tea.

" There they are. What took you people so long." Father Li said as he saw them coming downstairs.

After clearing his throat, Li Singtan said," We were-"

" Ahh Zhehan What is wrong with you? They are a newlywed couple understand?" Mother Li said. Turning towards Xie Ming and Li Singtan, Mother Li said," I hope my future grandchild is on the way."

" Mother we were just taking an afternoon nap." Xie Ming tried to exclaim.

Mother Li smiled and said," Yes yes you can take as many afternoon naps you want. Until the end result is a grandchild, I don't really mind."

Xie lowered her head and blushed. She glared at Li Singtan.

Understanding his wife's threatening gaze, Li Singtan decided to change the topic.

Walking towards Father Xie, he greeted him," Father."

Getting up from his seat, father Xie gave Li Singtan a hug.

" Brother-in-law." Xie Yufan quickly got up and gave Li Singtan a hug.

Li Singtan smiled. Patting Yufan's back, he said," Junior."

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" Okay so now only your brother-in-law will get hugs and greetings from you." Xie Ming complained.

Xie Yufan smiles cheekily," Sis it's not like that." Giving Xie Ming a hug, he said," I missed you."

" I missed you too."

" And me?" Father Xie asked.

" Yes you too dad." Xie Ming answered.

Seeing the family of three happily hugging each other, the Li family felt happy. Specially Li Singtan.


After sometime, Yang Yutang arrived holding a wine bottle.

" Ahh Yutang it's been so many days since I have seen you." Mother Li exclaimed.

Hugging mother Li, Yang Yutang said,"Mother I missed you a lot."

" If you miss Mother so much then you should visit me more often."

" Yes Yes I will."

Father Li patted Yang Yutang's head and said," You should really visit us more often child."

Yang Yutang smiled and hugged father Li. He had always considered the Li family as his second family. The Li family also considered him as their own son.

After losing his mother at very young age, Yang Yutang always lacked motherly love. Though his step mother was not bad and treated him well but Yang Yutang could never fully accept her. Though he addressed him as his mother and also treated her well but he never got those motherly vibes from her.

When mother Li showered him with her love and affection, Yang Yutangs heart was filled with warmt. And when mother Li asked him to address her as Mother, he felt very emotional and happy at the same time. From that day onwards, Yang Yutang started treated Mother Li and Father Li as his own and the Li family as his own.