Lifting her head, Xie Ming narrowed her eyes.

" Mrs Li doesn't seem to like my presence."

" Your presence never pleases me Mr Simon." Xie Ming said.

Simon let out a soft laugh," Seems like Mr Li has already warned you."

Xie Ming smirked and said," Seems like you know my husband very well. And why do I always bump into you outside the ladies room."

" Don't worry. We will bump into each other quite often from now. Get used to seeing this face." Simon said.

Before Xie Ming could reply, a voice echoed from behind," Sister-in-law."

Xie Ming turned back and saw Li Quin standing with all the shopping bags in his hand. She noticed that something was different about him. The cute, cheeky and innocent Li Quin was nowhere to be seen. She could not see innocence but fierce in his eyes.

Walking towards Xie Ming , Li Quin pushed her behind him and stared at Simon.

Simon extended his hand and said," Ahh look who it is. The youngest Li. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Taking his hand, Li Quin smirked," But I am not at all pleased."

Simon laughed and said," Ahhh that tongue of yours. Without any doubt you are a Li. But you are slightly better than your elder brother."

Retrieving his hand back, Li Quin passed all the bags to Xie Ming. He then took out his handkerchief and started wiping his hand," Don't think that I am different. Trust me when I say I am no less than my brother."

Simon clapped his hand together and said," Ahh that is great. If anything happens to Li Singtan you can easily take his place. And here I was getting worried about what would happen to the Li Corporation if something happens to Mr Li."

Xie Ming's heart felt heavy. She couldn't figure out what Simon meant but she knew that he was talking about Li Singtan being dead.

Li Quin laughed," Do you think that the Li Singtan is a pushover. Who knows better than you how exactly my brother is."

Turning back towards Xie Ming, Li Quin said," Did you use the ladies room sister-in-law."

Xie Ming shook her head. Giving all the bags again back to Li Quin she walked inside the ladies room.

" Stay away from her." Li Quin warned Simon.

Simon chuckled," Your brother told me the same thing." Pausing for a while, he continued," Ahh you should also join the underworld Mr Li. You seriously have that quality in you."

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Li Quin smirked," My brother is already too much for you too handle Mr Simon. I am afraid that if I end up joining there, people like wouldn't even exist. Imagine if one Li can become the king of the underworld with a short period of time, what will happen if another Li joins forces with him. I am pretty sure that if that happens, underworld would end up being a subsidiary of Li Corporation and people like you would end up being our sweepers."

Simon could not say anything but could only grit his teeth.

When Xie Ming came out, she saw a smirk in Li Quin's face while Simon was frowning.

Cheekily smiling at here like he usually does, Li Quin said" Here you are sister-in-law. Let's go now. Mom and grandma are waiting for us downstairs."

Xie Ming nodded her head and followed him.

Turning back again, Li Quin said," Ahh Mr Simon I saw your crazy daughter downstairs with a bunch of men entering the club. I am afraid what will happen if she ends up like before."

Simon glared at Li Quin. Turning towards Xie Ming, he smiled," It was nice meeting you again Mrs Li. Next time when we meet I'll tell you something interesting. Give my regards to Mr Li as well." He then rushed past them.