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 After Xie Ming finished eating, she quickly went upstairs to get ready.

After getting ready when she rushed downstairs, she saw Mother Li, Li Singtan and Father Li arguing amongst themselves.

" Only three of us are going out." Mother Li shouted.

" Listen to me darling. Take me with you. I'll help you carry bags." Father Li said.

" It's not safe outside. You should take us with you Mother." Li Singtan said.

Mother Li narrowed her eyes and said," Okay fine since it's not safe outside Li Quin will come with us."

Pointing towards Li Quin, Li Singtan said," How on earth do you think will this mouse save you if something happens."

" Hey who do you think you are calling a mouse." Li Quin shouted.

Walking towards Xie Ming, Li Quin hooked his arm around Xie Ming's arms and said," I'll protect everyone specially sister-in-law."

Looking towards Xie Ming, he continued," Come sister-in-law let's go."

Xie Ming giggled nodded her head. While passing through Li Singtan, she said," Goodbye Mr Li."

At last Father Li and Li Singtan could only watch their wives leave without taking them.

Seeing their sad faces, Grandpa Li snoffed and said," What made you think that they will take you? Come here let's discuss business."


When they reached the shopping mall it was already 3pm. Since they had very less time left, four of them decided to divide themselves into two groups. Mother Li and grandma Li went together while Li Quin followed Xie Ming.

After buying the all the things which were required for the dinner party, Xie Ming decided to buy something for her brother.

When Li Quin and Xie Ming entered a store, the manager of the store came running towards them and said," Mr Li it's a pleasure to have to here. How can I help you?"

Pointing towards Xie Ming, Li Quin said," She is my sister-in *ahem ahem* I mean she is my sister and she wants to buy something for her brother."

Turning towards Xie Ming, the manager widened his eyes in shock," Ms Xie I am so sorry I did not see you earlier."

Xie Ming slightly nodded her head," I want to buy some thing for my younger brother."

" Yes Yes. I will get my best employee to assist you." The manager then rushed inside.

Taking the bags from Xie Ming's hand, Li Quin said," Shop freely sister-in-law. Don't worry about me. I am am quite patient when it comes to shopping."

The manager came back and said," Ms Xie these two will assist you. Feel free to ask anything." Turning towards Li Quin, the manger said," Mr Li you should bring your brother along with you sometime. He rarely visits the our store."


After examining each and everything present in the store, Xie Ming ended up picking up a shirt for Xie Yufan.

After asking the attendant to packed the shirt, she was about to go back to Li Quin,her eyes fell on a particular tie which was properly showcased. Walking towards the showcase, she couldn't take her eyes off it. The tie reminded Xie Ming about Li Singtan.

As she was examining the tie, the store manager walked towards her and said," Ms Xie sure has great taste. This tie is a very unique one. There is only five such ties in the whole world."

" I'll take it. Pack it for me." She said.


When Xie Ming was about to hand her credit card to the manager, Li Quin quickly stopped," Please sis let me."

Taking the Golden card from his pocket, he told the manager," Charge everything in this card."

The mangers hand shook while taking the card from Li Quin. There were only four such cards in country S and Li Singtan was one them who owned the golden card. Smiling at Li Quin, the manager said," Mr Li surely dotes in his younger brother a lot. He even ended up giving you his credit card."

Li Quin gave the manager a weak smile. Only he knew that if Xie Ming was not going out with him, his brother would never give him this card.

" Quin I am buying all this. You don't have to pay for all this." Xie Ming said.

Li Quin stuck his tongue out and said," Who said I am buying all this? Brother gave me this card when we were about to leave and he told me to charge everything that you buy or eat in this card."

Taking out her black card,she said," Please bill the tie in this card."

The manger took both the cards in his hand and walked towards the billing counter.

" But sister-in-law brother said-"

" Does your brother want to pay for his own gift also?"

Li Quin cheekily smiled and said," You bought gift for brother."

Xie Ming smiled at Li Quin. She had reallly started liking Li Quin a lot. His smile and his childish behaviour reminded her about Xie Yufan a lot," Hmmm. Quin could you please carry all of this I have to use the ladies room."

Li Quin nodded his head and said," Okay sister-in-law. I'll follow you after billing everything."


Outside the washroom, Xie Ming bumped into someone.

" I am so sor-"

" We meet again Mrs Li."

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Hearing a familiar voice, Xie Ming lifted her head up.