After few minutes, Li Singtan entered the room with some water and snacks.

Sitting up straight, Xie Ming asked," I just wanted to drink some water."

Placing the snacks on the bed, Li Singtan said," I thought your might be feeling hungry after shedding tears for me."

Puffing her cheeks, Xie Ming said," Are you teasing me again? Do you want to sleep on the cold floor again?"

Li Singtna shook his head," Sorry sorry I won't tease you from now on. I have learnt my lesson." Passing her a glass of water he continued," Here drink this and eat something too."

Taking the class of water from his hand, Xie Ming said," I don't want to eat anything. Let's sleep. It's getting late."

Picking up the snacks from the bed and placing it on the bed side table, Li Singtan quickly climbed the bed.

Xie Ming covered him with the quilt and said," You were sleeping on the cold floor for quite sometime and your body was so cold that time. This will help you warm up."

Smiling at his wife, Li Singtan said," There is one more thing that can keep my body warm." Without waiting for her reply, Li Singtan wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her toward him. Hugging her tightly, he said," This."

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Xie Ming was shocked. She tried to free herself from his embrace but his strong arms were wrapped around her waist tightly.

" Don't struggle like this. I am tired I have to sleep."

Surrendering herself, Xie Ming slowly closed her eyes.


When Li Singtan woke up, Xie Ming had wrapped her arms around his waist placing her head in his chest.

Smiling cheekily, Li Singtan touched her rosy cheeks and said," Good morning wifey."

Snuggling against his chest, Xie Ming slowly opened her eyes. Smiling at Li Singtan, she said," Good morning."

When she released the intimate position they were at, she felt embarrassed and tried to get up.

Placing her head back on his chest and wrapping his arms around her waist, Li Singtan said," Let's Stay like this for a while. Feels good."

Xie Ming could feel her cheeks burning red," We have to go down everyone must be waiting for us."

" Only for five minutes."

Xie Ming sighed. Wrapping her hands around his waist again, she said," Only five minutes." She couldn't deny the fact that she was also feeling quite comfortable and safe in his embrace.

When Xie Ming woke up again it was already 1 pm. Getting out of the bed quickly she noticed that Li Singtan was already gone.

She quickly dashed inside the washroom to freshen up.


Living room.

" Singtan where is Ming?" Mother Li asked.

" She is still sleeping." Li Singtan said while sipping some tea.

Placing her cup back on the table, Mother Li said," Let her sleep as much as she wants. Don't disturb her. Mother and I will be heading out to buy things for tonight."

" I will also go with you both mother." Xie Ming shouted from the stairs.

" There you are. I was just talking about you." Mother Li said with a smile on her face.

After greeting everyone in the living room, Xie Ming sat down beside Li Singtan," I am sorry I overslept."

Patting Xie Ming shoulder, Grandma Li said," You can sleep as much as you want. No one is going to say anything. You haven't eaten anything yet. I'll go get something for you to eat."

Getting up from his seat, Li Quin asked," Sister-in-law I hope you slept well yesterday." Looking at Li Singtan, he continued," And I hope brother you slept well on the floor."

Everyone started laughing.

Li Singtan was scratching his head while Xie Ming had lowered her head in embarrassment.

Shaking her head, Mother Li said," You were too lenient with him. When your father had done something similar, he had to stay outside the house for the entire night. Next day he even ended up with high fever and look at Singtan he did not even catch a cold. I think I have to teach you some methods."

Li Singtan shook his head," Are you seriously my mother? You wanted me to catch cold? Like seriously Mom."

" What? You were at fault so you were ought to be punished." Mother Li said.

Li Singtan sighed. He knew how his mother used to torture his father when they were young. If mother Li ends up teaching Xie Ming her ruthless methods, this would be the end of him.