Li base.

\"Is he fucking out of his mind? How can he act so impulsively?\" Liang shouted before kicking the wall in frustration.

\"Damn nobody is receiving the call.\" Huang cursed before calling Zixin again.

Turning towards Zian, Liang asked, \"Did he tell you about this?\"

Zian shook his head and frowned. \"No he didn't, in fact he had called me a couple of days ago. He told me that everything is going well and his men will be ready to attack Laurence within a month's span.\"

\"Then why did he act so impulsive? They had a month in their hands, why would he do that?\" Liang sighed and helplessly shook his head.

They had just received the news about a major conflict between two powerful clans in the east. One had ambushed the other and things didn't look very positive for both the ends.

\"Is it because Yumi called him today?\" Huang asked.

Zian nodded his head and sighed. \"I think so.\"

\"Damn how could he do that? What do we do now? We have to help him.\" Liang said.

\"Did you call Ash and Zinhai? Are they coming?\" Zian asked.

Huang nodded his head and said, \"They are coming.\"

Just then Ashton, Xie Zinhai and Lui Guang entered the room.

\"What happened brother Zian?\" Ashton asked.

\"Did you receive any news from your area?\" Zian asked.

Xie Zinhai nodded his head and said, \"Yes, I received a news that someone ambushed Lawrence Carter's base and things turned out to be bad for both the parties.\"

Lawrence Carter was Zixin's uncle. Lawrence was his English name while Carter was his wife's Monica's surname.

Lui Guang frowned and asked, \"Why what happened? Is something wrong?\"

Zian, Liang and Huang gave each other a look and nodded their heads. They never told anyone about Zixin's and his plans because it was supposed to be a secret.

After telling Zinhai, Guang and Ashton everything about Zixin and his plans, Zian asked, \"Ash, Zinhai can you send a few of your men to look for Zixin?\"

\"Wait? What? Brother Zixin is the one who attacked Lawrence Carter's base? Is he out of his mind? Does he not know how dangerous that man is?\" Ashton frowned and massaged his temples.

\"We had a very hard time convincing him to stick to the rules and not invade other territories. That man is a pain in everyone's ass.\" Zinhai explained.

\"I'll see what can be done. Let me cross check with my team back there.\" Taking out his phone, Ashton walked out of the room.

\"Does sister Yumi know about it?\" Guang asked.

When Zian shook his head, Guang added, \"If something really happened to brother Zixin then how are we going to tell her?\"

Zian sighed and helplessly shook his head. \"I don't know.\" If something really happens to  Zixin, Zian had no idea how he would disclose this to his sister. Will Yumi ever forgive him for hiding everything from her?


Holip club.

Inside a private room.

\"Ahhh Ming.\" Yixi waved her hands at her best friend who had just arrived.

\"Dude we have been waiting for you both.\" Mike said.

\"We were stuck in traffic.\" Singtan said before pulling out a chair for his wife.

\"You always say this man.\" Robbin helplessly shook his head.

\"Haaa says the rat who just arrived a couple of minutes ago.\" Songpa snapped.

Robbin pursed his lips and gritted his teeth at Songpa. \"Will you stop calling me that already? It's been so many years but you-\"

Cutting him off, Songpa grinned. \" So? No matter how many years pass by, a rat is always a rat. It will never turn into a lion or an elephant or will he?\"

Smacking Songpa's arm, Beth glared at him. \"Will you stop teasing brother Robbin already? What is wrong with you?\"

Songpa frowned and nodded his head. \"Okay.\"

Robbin chuckled and said, \"Seriously Beth only you can shut his big mouth up.\"

\"Big sister did dad call you today?\" Yufan asked.

Ming shook her head and asked, \"Why?\"

\"He didn't? Then whom was he talking to this morning?\" Yufan frowned and asked.

\"What do you mean?\" Ming asked.

\"He had locked himself in the room and was talking to someone. I thought it was you. Later when I asked him, he just nodded his head and left.\" Yufan explained.

\"Honey did dad call you today?\" Ming asked. Singtan shook his head and said, \"No he didn't.\"

\"He seemed very angry and frustrated when he left.\" Ling added.

When Ming gave Singtan a complicated look, Singtan patted her back. \"Don't worry, I'll talk to him later.\"

\"Where is Zechan and Del?\" Dina asked.

\"Del just called me, they are in the way.\" Bella said.

\"Alright let's order first.\" Sebastian said.


Outside the Li mansion.

\"What did he say?\" Mian asked.

Yumi shook her head and sighed. \"Nothing.\"

\"Nothing? What do you mean by nothing?\" Linyang asked.

\"He said nothing nothing.\" Yumi said.

Linyang fronwed and pursed her lips. \"This is too much. How can he do that? Nothing? Not even a sorry? Ahhhh I should've smacked him black and blue when I met him.\"

\"Yumi are you really okay?\" Mian asked.

Yumi sighed and helplessly shook her head. \"I don't know, I think I am just tired. I don't have the energy to think or do anything. Maybe calling him was a good choice because that helped me get closure from him.\"

\"Hmmm I think you should just move on. I mean you are famous, you are undoubtedly beautiful and stunning and there are hundreds of handsome men waiting for you Yumi. Why waste time on someone who doesn't care about you? Right Mian?\" Linyang asked.

Mian pursed her lips and reluctantly nodded her head. She couldn't see Yumi like this but she also couldn't tell her anything and she was hating this feeling. What would happen if Yumi really moved in and Zixin comes back? Things would become more ugly then.

\"Hmm why not wait for one more month? What if he comes back?\" Mian suggested.